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Tondi Elektroonika, formerly known as Tallinna Pooljuhttakistite Tehas (Tallinn Semiconductor Resistor Factory), Hans Pöögelmanni nimeline Tallinna Raadiotehnika Tehas (Tallinn Radiotechnical Factory named after Hans Pöögelmann) and Hans Pöögelmanni nimeline Elektrotehnika Tehas (Hans Pöögelmann Electrotechnical Factory), as well as Factory number A-1381 was a factory of electrotechnical components located in Tallinn, Estonia. It was a significant component of the Soviet Military-industrial complex.[1]



The factory has manufactured photoresistors, varistors, transistors, thyristors and microchips.

From 1959 to 1978, the factory manufactured temperature-sensitive photoresistors 04-AN (in Cyrillic: 04-АН) for use in Soviet military rocket guidance systems. This brought the factory under the official military-industrial complex umbrella, and the factory was assigned a number — A-1381 — and the location reference was removed from the factory's name.

Consumer products[edit]

The factory has manufactured consumer-grade battery systems, electric fence systems, car engine diagnostics devices and even souvenir radio sets. Since 1979, an important — and by 2008, the main — line of production has been hearing aids, peaking in 1989 at 176 500 units manufactured.

Recreational activities[edit]

The mixed choir Helitron was initially set up to cater to employees of Tondi Elektroonika.

Current status[edit]

Currently, AS Tondi Elektroonika manufactures mainly hearing aids.


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