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Tóin le Gaoith
IMGTonelageeR756 4975cw.jpg
Tonelagee from Wicklow Gap road heading east
Highest point
Elevation817 m (2,680 ft)
Prominence202 m (663 ft)
ListingMarilyn, Hewitt
Coordinates53°03′13″N 6°22′56″W / 53.053606°N 6.382171°W / 53.053606; -6.382171Coordinates: 53°03′13″N 6°22′56″W / 53.053606°N 6.382171°W / 53.053606; -6.382171
English translationback-side to the wind
Language of nameIrish
Tonelagee is located in island of Ireland
Location in Ireland
LocationCounty Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
Parent rangeWicklow Mountains
OSI/OSNI gridO082016
Topo mapOSi Discovery 56
Easiest routeFrom a car park at the top of nearby Glenmacnas Waterfall (on the Sally Gap side) where there are routes to the summit on either side of the lake and stream.

Tonelagee (Irish: Tóin le Gaoith[1], meaning "back-side to the wind") is a mountain with a height of 817 m (2,680 ft) in County Wicklow, Republic of Ireland.


The mountain lies just north of the high point of the Wicklow Gap in the centre of the Wicklow Mountains. Tonelagee is the third highest of the Wicklow Mountains and the 33rd highest peak in Ireland.[2] From the summit the distinctive heart-shaped Lough Ouler is visible on the eastern side of the mountain. During a sunrise or on a clear day, towards the east one can see Snowdonia in Wales, at a distance of about 90 miles.[3]

Access to the summit[edit]

Summit pillar

Starting from the Wicklow Gap is possible to reach on foot the summit of the mountain.[4] Another way to the summit starts from Glenmacnass Waterfall.[5]

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