Tonette Lopez

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Tonette Lopez
Born Wellington "Tonette" Lopez
Oras, Eastern Samar Philippines
Died April 25, 2006
Metro Manila, Philippines
Occupation Filipino/Asian transactivist
Years active 2000-2006

Tonette Lopez (died April 25, 2006) was the first transgender woman activist in the Philippines and a popular Asian LGBT activist, HIV/AIDS researcher and journalist.

Lopez led the 16th International AIDS Conference in 2005.[1]

Gahum Philippines[edit]

In 2001, Lopez started the Gay Human Rights Movement (GAHUM), based in Cebu City.

Lopez has stated: "Discrimination is very eminent. A country such ours, which is predominantly Roman Catholic is very difficult. Opinions and decisions are always coiled and intertwined with one's religiosity, belief and faith."[2]

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