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Location of Tong Fuk Beach within Hong Kong (red arrow)
South Lantau Road at Tong Fuk

Tong Fuk (Chinese: 塘福, formerly 塘㙏) is a village and an area on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. It is a popular place for holiday recreation. Tong Fuk Beach in a bay to the south of the village is a local attraction and visitors rent village houses for leisure.


Several rivers and streams run through Tong Fuk, making it suitable for cultivation. The main river runs through the west of the village. Across the main river is Ma Po Ping. It is sometimes regarded as part of Tong Fuk. South of Ma Po Ping is a bay named Tong Fuk Miu Wan.


Tong Fuk Miu (塘福廟, Tong Fuk Temple) is a temple sited at the east end of the bay, close to Tong Fuk. Beside the temple is Tong Fuk Submarine Cable Station and South Lantau Submarine Cable Station, where telecommunication cables link various destinations across the South China Sea. The former Ma Po Ping Prison is located at Ma Po Ping.


Tong Fuk is on South Lantau Road.[1] Bus routes from Ngong Ping and Tai O at the west to Mui Wo and Tung Chung at the east pass through Tong Fuk.

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