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Tong Liya
Born (1984-08-08) August 8, 1984 (age 32)
Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang,  China
Alma mater Central Academy of Drama (2004)
Occupation Actress, Model, Dance Instructor
Years active 2000-present
Agent Tong Liya Studio
Style Drama
Height 164.5 cm (5 ft 4.8 in)[1]
Spouse(s) Chen haowen (m. 2014)
Children Chen Duoduo (born 2016)
Alias :丫丫 (Ya Ya), 丫爷 (Ya Ye), 美丫 (Mei Ya)

Tong Liya (Chinese: 佟丽娅; born August 8, 1984) is a Chinese actress of Xibe descent. Her nickname is Ya Ya (丫丫). She was born in Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Xinjiang. [3] She is known for portraying Tong Suyan in the Chinese TV series Palace.


Tong Liya is a Xinjiang girl, whose talents include acting and dancing. Her father was of Xibe ethnicity from Xinjiang while her mother was of Han ethnicity from Gansu. She performed in many theatrical shows since young.

In 1996, she majored in dance at the Xinjiang Arts Institute. In 2000, she acquired the qualifications to teach dance. Because of her talents, she was selected to represent Xinjiang region to participate in competitions held at Beijing.

In 2004, Tong participated in the Spring Festival Show on CCTV. The same year, she majored in performance at Central Academy of Drama.


Tong Liya made her acting debut in the Hong Kong television series C'est La Vie, Mon Chéri in 2008. In 2009, she gained attention for her role as Zhao Feiyan in the historical drama The Queens.

In 2011, she rose to fame for her role as Tong Suyan in the time travel hit drama Palace. The same year, she made her big screen debut in The Purple House opposite Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang. She also played the antagonist role in the Tang-dynasty historical drama Dream Back to Tang Dynasty.

Tong's popularity continued to rise after starring in the modern romance drama Beijing Love Story in 2012. She also released her first single Only Sing For You.

In 2013, Tang became the image ambassador for the 4th China Student Television Festival. She starred in Zhao Wei's directorial debut So Young, as well as the television series Weaning, which won her Best Actress at the 13th Huading Awards.

In 2014, Tong starred in the box office hit The Taking of Tiger Mountain, medical drama Obstetrician and romance melodrama Loving, Never Forgetting opposite Jerry Yan.

In 2015, Tong starred in The Ordinary World, adapted from Lu Yao's novel of the same name. She was nominated as Best Actress at the 21st Shanghai TV Festival for her performance, and won Best Actress at the 19th Huading Awards. She also won the Audience's Choice for Actress at the 28th China TV Golden Eagle Award for her performance in The Ordinary World.

Tong then starred in the family comedy Ku Ba Qiao Ma, as a rebellious youth with dual personalities/identities. In July, Tong starred in the action film Wild City, taking on her first leading role in a movie alongside Hong Kong actors Louis Koo and Shawn Yue. In December, she starred in Chen Sicheng's comedy mystery film Detective Chinatown. The film was commercially successful and elevated Tong's fame.

In 2016, Tong joined the cast of Hunan TV's variety program Takes a Real Man. In October 2016, Tong was cast in Nirvana in Fire 2 alongside Huang Xiaoming.

Personal life[edit]

Tong and actor Chen Sicheng got married on January 16, 2014. The couple met and fell in love while filming the television series Beijing Love Story, which Chen directed and co-scripted. They announced their relationship on the set of Happy Camp in 2012. The two got married in 2014 at Tahiti.

On January 30, 2016, Tong announced that she had given birth to her first child, a son named Chen Duoduo.



Year Title Chinese title Role Notes
2008 Mandarin Duck River 鸳鸯河 Wong Manli
2008 C'est La Vie, Mon Chéri 新不了情 Lee Joi Oi (younger)
2008 Empty Lane 空巷子 Qi Qiao
2008 The Queens 母仪天下 Zhao Feiyan [4]
2009 I Am a Grass 我是一棵小草 Yue Xiaomei
2009 Living Pride 人活一张脸 Jia Xiaochen
2009 Mother and Wife 娘妻 Sun Yating
2010 Unbeatable 无懈可击之美女如云 Sabrina
2010 Maid in the Big House 大屋下的丫鬟 Su Wenhui
2010 Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law 欢喜婆婆俏媳妇 Xilan
2011 The Vigilantes in Masks 怪侠一枝梅 Jing Ruyi
2011 Palace Nian Suyan (Tong Suyan)
2011 Horizon True Heart 天涯赤子心 Gao Shuhua
2011 Wrong Hate 错恨 Dong Zisu
2011 Misty Rain in the Setting Sun 烟雨斜阳 Gao Wanyi
2011 Love Can Come Again 爱可以重来 Lu Jialiang
2011 Beauty World 唐宫美人天下 Wu Qingcheng
2012 Beijing Love Story 北京爱情故事 Shen Bing
2012 My Economical Man 我的经济适用男 He Xiaojun
2012 Dream Back to Tang Dynasty 梦回唐朝 Tao Zhu
2012 Beauties of the Emperor 王的女人 Wu Meiren
2013 After Shock 唐山大地震 Wan Xiaodeng
2013 Weaning 断奶 An Qi
2013 Love is Not Blind 失恋33天 Guest appearance
2013 Fall in Love 恋爱的那点事儿 Yu Huxin
2014 Sword Family Women 刀客家族的女人 Ge Dani
2014 Loving, Never Forgetting 戀戀不忘 Wu Tong
2014 Obstetrician 产科医生 He Jing
2014 80s Engagement 大都市小爱情 Su jing
2015 The Ordinary World 平凡的世界 Tian Runye
2015 Ku Ba Qiao Ma 酷爸俏妈 Huang Xiaoying
TBA Nirvana in Fire 2 琅琊榜之风起长林 Meng Qianxue
TBA Great Expectations 远大前程 Lin Yiyi
TBA The Love Without a Trace 爱无痕 Shen Lianxing



Year Title Chinese title Role Notes
2009 Roses' Fragrance 玫瑰余香 Guo Jiani TV film
2011 Endless Love 花腰女儿红 Bai Yu TV film
2011 The Purple House 紫宅 Zhou Tong
2013 So Young 致我们终将逝去的青春 Shi Jie
2013 Silent Witness 全民目击 Li Xiaoni
2014 Beijing Love Story 北京爱情故事 Shen Bing
2014 The Taking of Tiger Mountain 智取威虎山 Little Dove
2015 Wild City 迷城 Tang Wen
2015 Doomed Disaster 诡劫 Hu Meirui
2015 Surprise 万万没想到:西游篇 Scorpion Spirit Guest appearance
2015 Detective Chinatown 唐人街·探案 Ah Xiang
2016 Run for Love 奔爱 Ye Yiyi
2016 Heartfall Arises 惊天破 Chen Xiangru


Awards and Nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2011 Youku Drama Awards New Cutting Edge Idol Won
2012 Sohu video TV Festival Best Supporting Actress Palace Won
2nd LeTV Awards Leaping Improvement Award Won
8th Huading Awards Best Actress (Youth) Beijing Love Story Nominated
2013 Asian Idol Awards Most Capable Actress Won
2014 13th Huading Awards Best Actress Weaning Won
Best Actress (Modern) Nominated
Audience's Top 10 Favorite Stars Won
6th China Image Film Festival Best Young Actress Beijing Love Story Won
6th Macau International Movie Festival Best Actress Nominated
2015 21st Shanghai Television Festival Magnolia Award for Best Actress The Ordinary World Nominated
2016 19th Huading Awards Best Actress (Modern) Won
28th China TV Golden Eagle Award Audience's Choice for Actress Won


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