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The New Tong Wen Tang serves the Traditional–Simplified Chinese character conversion function for Mozilla Firefox.
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Tong Wen Tang (Chinese: 同文堂) is a Firefox browser extension, which serves the function of converting web pages into Traditional or Simplified Chinese characters for Chinese-language users. According to records in forums of Mozilla Taiwan, Tong Wen Tang was firstly developed by Hashao (哈少), a mainland Chinese netizen. However, the edition supported only the Mozilla Firefox 0.9.[1]

Softcup, a Taiwanese netizen, subsequently developed the New Tong Wen Tang. The browser extension is released under version 2 of the GNU General Public License.

After installing the New Tong Wen Tang, it will be listed in the list of add-ons. Besides the Traditional-Simplified Chinese character conversion and zooming function, it can also directly input converted contents of web pages onto the copy-paste clipboard.


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