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Tonga is a Pacific Island nation whose people are known as Tongans.

Tonga may also refer to:

Ethnic groups[edit]



Polynesian mythology[edit]

  • the southwest wind, the last wind to be reined in by Māui
  • the name of the first woman in Tonga

Other uses[edit]

  • Tonga (name), a list of those with Tonga as either a given name or surname
  • A version of Intel's Pentium II microprocessor designed for laptops
  • Operation Tonga, an airborne operation during the World War II Battle of Normandy
  • Tonga Cup, Tonga's premier knockout football tournament
  • Tanga (carriage) or Tonga, a horse-drawn carriage in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
  • Tonga, codename of AMD Radeon GPUs; see R9 285/380/380X

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