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Tongji Medical College

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Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
the Main Gate
TypeMedical school
EstablishedMay 20, 1907
Parent institution
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
AffiliationUnion Hospital
Tongji Hospital
PresidentChen Jianguo
DeanChen Jianguo
Academic staff
Location, ,

Tongji Medical College (TJMC, simplified Chinese: 同济医学院; traditional Chinese: 同濟醫學院; pinyin: Tóngjì Yīxúeyuàn) is a medical school in Wuhan, China. Formerly Tongji Medical University (同济医科大学; 同濟 醫科大學; Tóngjì Yīkē Dàxué), it became part of the newly established Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in 2000. More than 10 graduates of the medical school have been awarded prestigious memberships to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and/or Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The Tongji Medical College is a top medical school in China. It has one member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chen Xiaoping [zh]) and one member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (Ma Ding), and one member of the US National Academy of Medicine (Frank B. Hu), more than 1,400 full and associate professors, over 1,800 lecturers, and over 7,500 staff. Doctorate degrees can be conferred in 31 subjects and specialties, with 116 tutors for doctoral candidates, and there are 51 subjects and specialties for which master's degrees can be granted with over 540 tutors for graduate students. Post-doctoral mobile stations have been set up in basic medicine, public health, preventive medicine and clinical medicine.

Historical evolution[edit]

Summary of history[edit]

Tongji Medical College was founded by Dr. Erich Paulun in 1907 as German Medical School in Shanghai. In 1927, it became the medical school of National Tongji University.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, in 1951 the medical school was moved from Shanghai to Wuhan, where it merged with the medical college of Wuhan University to form Central-South Tongji Medical College. Tongji Hospital, founded in Shanghai in 1900 by Erich Paulun, a German physician, and Wuhan Union Hospital (formerly Hankow Mission and Hankou Union Hospital) founded in 1866 by Griffith John, a British man, were attached to Tongji College as its university hospitals. In 1955, the name of the college was changed to Wuhan Medical College; and in 1985, it was renamed Tongji Medical University. On May 26, 2000, it became the Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Shanghai German Medical school[edit]

  • October 1, 1907, the medical school held an opening ceremony. The school site was set up in the Tongji University hospital opposite White Gram Road (now Shanghai Fengyang Road).

Tongji German Medicine School[edit]

  • In 1908 "Shanghai German Medical School" changed its name to "Tongji German Medical School".

Tongji Medical and Engineering School[edit]

  • In 1912, additional engineering courses were started, and the name was changed to Tongji Medical and Engineering School. Medicine, Engineering and the German were taught in the school.
  • In 1922, the school moved to Wusong Town (吴淞镇)

National Tongji University Medical School[edit]

  • On May 20, 1924, the name was changed to Tongji Medical and Engineering University, due to comprehensive expansion of the school.
  • In August 1927, National Tongji University was established, and the original medicine, engineering branches were separately changed to medicine school and engineering school.
  • In 1937, several additional colleges and schools were built, including colleges of Literature and sciences, and a law school. The university became a comprehensive university, and was renowned for its prestigious reputation in medicine and engineering.
  • In August 1937, Wusong Town and Shanghai city were engaged in a decisive battle of Far East field during World War II. Shortly after the battle, the medical school moved to East side of Shanghai city, then across provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Guangxi and Yunnan, and finally arrived in Yibin(宜宾) and Nanxi of Sichuan province in October, 1940.
  • In July 1946, Tongji University Medical School moved back Shanghai with ending of the World War II.

Central-south Tongji Medical College[edit]

In February 1950, the Shanghai Tongji University Medical School and its attached Tongji Hospital moved to the hinterland of Wuhan. The Medical School, along with Wuhan University medical School, formed the newly established Central-south Tongji Medical College.

Wuhan Medical College[edit]

  • In August 1955, the Medical School changed name to Wuhan Medical College during rearrangement of Chinese Higher Education system.

Tongji Medical University[edit]

  • In July 1985, the Medical School changed name to Tongji Medical University after significant expansion of the school. Dr. Wu Zaide (吴在德) was appointed president, and Dr. Qiu Fazu 裘法祖 as honorary president.

Tongji Medical College of HUST[edit]

The discipline and state key laboratory[edit]

State key disciplines[edit]

  • Internal medicine (Cardiology)
  • Internal medicine (Pulmonary/Critical Care)
  • Surgery (General)
  • Gynecology & Obstetrics
  • Occupational Health and Environment Health
  • Forensic Medicine (Pathology and Clinical)
  • Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Province department level key discipline[edit]

  • Human body anatomy and organization embryology
  • Pharmacology
  • Medicine phantom study
  • Pathology and pathophysiology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Internal medicine, hematology
  • Immunology
  • Medical imaging and Nuclear Medicine
  • Clinical pharmacy
  • Forensic Pathology and Clinical Forensic Medicine

State key laboratory[edit]

Ministry of Education key laboratory[edit]

  • Key laboratory of Organ Transplanting, Prof. Chen Xiao-Ping
  • Key laboratory of Environment and Health, Prof. Zhou Yi-Kai

Ministry of health key laboratory[edit]

  • Key laboratory of Organ Transplanting, Prof. Chen Xiao-ping
  • Key laboratory of Respiratory System Disease, Prof. Xu Yong-Jian

Environmental protection bureau key laboratory[edit]

  • Key laboratory of Environmental Protection and Health, Prof. Zhou Yi-Kai

Hubei Province key laboratory[edit]

  • Key laboratory of Tumor Invasion and Metastasis, Prof. Ma Ding
  • Key laboratory of Nervous System Significant Disease, Prof. Wang Jian-Zhi
  • Key laboratory of Target to Biology Treatment, Prof. Huang Shi-Ang
  • Key laboratory of Food Nutrition and Safety, Prof. Liu Liegang



Clinical institutes and centers[edit]

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Research institute, center and graduate school[edit]

  • Birth control research institute
  • Cardiovascular disease research institute
  • Cooperation of Chinese and Western medicine research institute
  • Environmental medicine research institute
  • Foundation medicine research institute
  • Gerontology research institute
  • Hematology research institute
  • Higher medicine education research institute
  • Immunology research institute
  • Liver disease research institute
  • Medicine humanities study research institute
  • Medicine informatics research institute
  • Neuroscience research institute
  • Occupational disease research institute
  • Organ transplantation research institute
  • Otolaryngology research institute
  • Pulmonary disease research institute
  • Social medicine research institute
  • Urology research institute

Affiliated hospitals[edit]

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Student and teacher[edit]

Teachers approximately 2000 people, professors approximately 350 people, associate professors approximately 600 people. Current students approximately 10000 in the school. Graduates approximately 60000.

School anniversary date[edit]

On May 20 (in 1924 changed the name for Tongji University medicine labor university when decided)

Old exhortation to students Face upwards healthy tendency the place, law complete human ancient and modern

Notable alumni[edit]


Faculty Members[edit]

  • Wang Bao-Wen 王宝韫 1939 -1958 Taught at Tongji, State level one professor
  • Tong Di-Zhou 童第周 1941 -1943 Taught at Tongji, experimental biologist, educationalist, and member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Founder of China experimental Embryology. In 1963, he performed nuclear transfer (therapeutic cloning) by transferring DNA of Male Koi into eggs of koi, which resulted in replication of the male Koi with similar phenotype.
  • Li Bao-Shi 李宝实 1947 -1955 year Taught at Tongji, State level one professor, otolaryngologist.
  • Yu Guang-Yuan 于光元 1948- taught at Tongji, State level one professor
  • Zhang Di-Sheng 张涤生 1949 -1955 taught at Tongji, State level one professor, orthopedic surgery expert
  • Cai Dao-Hong 蔡宏道 1949- taught at Tongji, famous clinical pathologist, environment hygienist, medical educationalist
  • Wang Zhi-Ping 王智平 Taught at Philosophy Department of Tongji Medical University. He initiated the medical student humanities education.

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