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Tongue most generally refers to the muscle on the floor of the mouth. By analogy or other figure of speech it can also refer to:

  • Part of a shoe that covers the top of a foot underneath the laces
  • Part of a trailer tow hitch attachment
  • Any large or long physical protrusion on a machine part that fits into a groove or gland on another part
  • The striking implement suspended within a Bell (instrument), also known as a clapper
  • Protrusive landform caused by the flow of ice (in a glacier) or lava
  • Language or speech, as in the phrase mother tongue
  • Tongue (Knights Hospitaller), one of the seven, later eight regional subgroupings, or langues of the Knights of Saint John
  • Tongue (foodstuff)
  • "Speaking in tongues", formally known as glossolalia, is the vocalizing of speech-like syllables, often as part of religious practice

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