Tongue frenulum piercing

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Tongue frenulum piercing
Tongue frenulum piercing.jpg
NicknamesTongue web piercing
LocationFrenulum linguae
JewelryCaptive bead ring, Barbell

A tongue frenulum piercing or the tongue web piercing is a body piercing through the frenulum underneath the tongue (frenulum linguae). These piercings are relatively simple piercings, and heal quickly, although they do have a tendency to reject over time. Depending on the anatomy of the individual, this piercing may not be feasible. A web piercing may be considerably painful.

Aftercare for tongue frenulum piercings can be more complicated than most other piercings. The healing piercing will come into contact with anything that enters the mouth, including food and smoke, which can cause irritation. Frenulum piercings generally heal faster than other body piercings, though; a healing time of two to eight weeks can be expected. Many certified piercers suggest after care guidelines such as refraining from oral sex and smoking, and regular rinsing with saline or de-iodized salt water. Many professionals recommend rinsing with a 50/50 mixture of mouthwash and distilled water or a pH balanced, non-alcoholic mouthwash such as Dentyl pH after eating, drinking, or smoking, or simply rinsing every hour.


Both ring and curved barbell style jewelry can be worn in these piercings.

History and culture[edit]

This piercing is of contemporary origin, first appearing in the 1990s. It is also commonly referred to as a tongue web piercing or Marley.

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