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The Tongyang Cup (Korean: 동양증권배 세계선수권전, Hanja: 東洋證券杯世界選手權戰) was a Go competition. The Tong Yang Cup was sponsored by Tongyang Securities of South Korea. The tournament was run from 1988 to 1998, with players from South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, China and European countries.

Past winners[edit]

Years Played Winner Runner Up
1988-1989 South Korea Yang Jae-ho South Korea Jang Soo Young
1989-1990 South Korea Seo Bongsoo South Korea Lee Chang-ho
1990-1992 South Korea Lee Chang-ho Japan Rin Kaiho
1992-1993 South Korea Lee Chang-ho Japan Cho Chikun
1993-1994 South Korea Cho Hunhyun Japan Yoda Norimoto
1994-1995 China Ma Xiaochun China Nie Weiping
1995-1996 South Korea Lee Chang-ho China Ma Xiaochun
1997 South Korea Cho Hunhyun Japan Kobayashi Satoru
1998 South Korea Lee Chang-ho South Korea Yoo Changhyuk