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Toni Marsh (born 19 November 1968, in Rotorua) is a former weather presenter on TV3 in New Zealand. In 2003, she was rated 3rd Sexiest Woman in New Zealand's TV Guide Best Of The Box awards,[1] and in 2006 was rated Best Presenter Weather and Sexiest Woman.[2]

Marsh was previously a host on Max TV,[3] then moved on to Channel Z, and then to TV3. She worked part-time from 2003 to 2005 in the mornings reading the news for The Edge's Morning Madhouse.

Marsh has also helped out with the JingleBail Fund, a children's Christmas charity run by The Edge, where in 2003 she auctioned a dinner date with herself on TradeMe,[4] followed in 2004 by an auction where she agreed to record her voice on the winner's answering machine.[5]

She married Paul Gunn on 9 October 2010[6] and resigned from TV3 at the end of the year to have a baby.[7]

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