Toni Matičevski

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Toni Matičevski
Born 1977
Melbourne, Australia
Nationality Macedonian Australian
Education University Graduate
Occupation Fashion designer
Labels Maticevski
Toni Maticevski runway presentation, NY Fashion Week (Fall 2007)

Toni Matičevski (Macedonian: Тони Матичевски) (1977-) is a Melbourne-based fashion designer.

Matičevski's parents migrated from Macedonia. He grew up in Seddon, an inner-western suburb of Melbourne with a sizable Macedonian community.[1]

Matičevski studied fashion at RMIT University graduating with First Class Honours. After graduating he won a Fashion Group International Award resulting in a placement with Donna Karan in New York. Matičevski turned down an extended position at Donna Karan, deeming the power house creatively draining. Matičevski left for Paris to work two seasons at Cerruti. Matičevski returned to Melbourne in 1998 to launch his own label. In 2002, Matičevski won Best New Designer at the L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival with his debut demi-couture collection. The same year saw his preliminary participation in the Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week spring and summer collections. Most recently he was tied with Kit Willow for the 2005 Prix de Marie Claire Best New Designer award.

Matičevski designs emotively, rejecting the norm to create such designs as his elegantly skeletal dresses, held together (or to hold you together) with a bondage system of raw edged silk straps. These ‘nonchalantly needy’ dresses result in the wearer appearing like an intricately tied up cloud.

Each season Matičevski recreates his elaborate gowns in different styles and materials while retaining a similar silhouette. Matičevski has recently added a men's line to his label with fluid draping neutral jackets and trousers.


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