Tonight I Could Fall in Love

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"Tonight I Could Fall in Love"
Suzi Quatro Tonight I Could Fall in Love 1985 Single Cover.jpg
Single by Suzi Quatro
B-side "Good Girl (Looking for a Bad Time)"
Released July 1985[1]
Format 7", 12"
Genre Pop
Length 3:56
Label RAK Records
Writer(s) Richard Gower
Producer(s) Mickie Most
Suzi Quatro singles chronology
"I Go Wild"
"Tonight I Could Fall in Love"

"Tonight I Could Fall in Love" is a song by American singer-songwriter Suzi Quatro, released as a non-album single in 1985.[2]


"Tonight I Could Fall in Love" was written by Richard Gower and was produced by English producer Mickie Most, the owner of RAK Records. It was Quatro's only 1985 release, which failed to enter the UK Top 100, although it did peak at #140 in the UK.[3]

Following the limited success of the 1982 album Main Attraction, Quatro found herself without a label. During 1984, Quatro returned to London to record a new album, despite not having a record company. Quatro convinced Tuckey, her husband and collaborator, that they should go ahead with making an album, and then try to gain the interest of a label once it was completed. They booked RAK Studios for two weeks, with Quatro writing and Tuckey producing. Every single track recorded was original except for "Oh Suzi Q" which was written by Dale Hawkins. Quatro wrote one song about her daughter Laura, who was born in 1982, titled "Everything I Ever Wanted," while other songs recorded during the two week session were "Pardon Me," "There She Goes," "I'm a Rocker," "Strange Encounters," Comes the Night," "Starry Night," Good Girl Looking for a Bad Time," (which was written for nanny Michelle), "Secret Hideaway" and "Just Like Mama," the latter which was from Quatro's first tour with Slade in 1972.

After the recording sessions, Quatro and Tuckey failed to secure a deal for the album, which remained unreleased until 1998 when it came out on the Connoisseur Collection label titled Unreleased Emotion. During the RAK studio sessions, Mickie Most would pop in and out assisting with the mixes, and it was decided for Quatro and Most to do a couple of songs together. "Tonight I Could Fall in Love" would be the single, coupled with "Good Girl (Looking for a Bad Time)" as the B-Side.[4] The only other song to see light from the sessions was "I'm a Rocker", which was the b-side to Quatro's previous 1984 single "I Go Wild".[5][6]

The single received limited promotion overall and had no music video.


The single was released via 7" and 12" vinyl through RAK Records in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany only.[7][8][9] The single featured the b-side "Good Girl (Looking for a Bad Time)" which was written by Quatro and her guitarist/then husband Len Tuckey. It was also produced by Most. The b-side was exclusive to the single, although it would later appear on the 1998 Connoisseur Collection album Unreleased Emotion. The 12" vinyl was issued with the same b-side but an extended six-minute version of "Tonight I Could Fall in Love" as the featured song.[9]

Both 7" and 12" releases included artwork, a full colour picture sleeve, which featured a photograph of Quatro against some window blinds. The only difference between the artwork of the 7" and the 12" release, was that the blinds gave off blue light on the 7" vinyl release whilst it gave off a green colour on the 12" vinyl release.[1] The photography was handled by Paul Forrester, whilst Quatro's hair and make-up was done by Clancy Valentina.[10]

Following the original release as a non-album single, the song would later appear as a bonus track on the 2012 CD re-issue of the Unreleased Emotion album from 1998. Both "I Go Wild" and "Tonight I Could Fall in Love" were the two bonus tracks on the release.[11]

Track listing[edit]

7" Single (UK release)
  1. "Tonight I Could Fall in Love" - 3:56
  2. "Good Girl (Looking for a Bad Time)" - 3:33
7" Single (German release)
  1. "Tonight I Could Fall in Love (Extended Mix)" - 6:09
  2. "Good Girl (Looking for a Bad Time)" - 3:33

Critical reception[edit]

Lisa Torem of Penny Black Music reviewed the Unreleased Emotion album and spoke of the song. She stated "The album closes with the wonderful ballad, "Tonight I Could Fall in Love". Too late, we just did." For the song's b-side, she stated "Good Girl (Looking For a Bad Time) features Tuckey's swashbuckling lead and Suzi's saucy, school-of-hard-knocks attitude."[12]

Chart performance[edit]

Chart (1985) Peak
UK Singles (Official Charts Company) 140


  • Suzi Quatro - Lead Vocals
  • Mickie Most - Producer
  • Paul Forrester - Photography
  • Clancy Valentina - Hair and Make-Up
  • Writer of "Tonight I Could Fall in Love" - Richard Gower
  • Writer of "Good Girl (Looking for a Bad Time)" - Suzi Quatro, Len Tuckey


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