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Antônio Ferreira, usually known as Toninho Guerreiro (10 August 1942 – 26 January 1990) was a Brazilian international soccer player. He was born in Bauru and died in São Paulo.

He played for Santos FC with Pelé as a forward in the 1960s scoring 238 goals in 373 games (.758 goals per game) scoring more goals than Pelé in 66 and 68. He is Santos FC 4th highest top scorer of all time. He won Copa Libertadores and World Club Cup in 1963.

He also played for São Paulo FC in the 1970s where he won the Paulista Championship twice being their top scorer.

Many[who?] say he should have gone to the 1970 FIFA World Cup and was on João Saldanha's list. In the end, Dadá Maravilha took his place and the rumour is that he made it because of Brazil President's wish. He played only once for Brazil scoring a single goal.