Tons of Trouble

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Tons of Trouble
"Tons of Trouble" (1956).jpg
Junia Crawford & Richard Hearne
Directed by Leslie S. Hiscott
Produced by Richard Hearne
Elizabeth Hiscott
Written by Richard Hearne
Leslie S. Hiscott
Based on a story by John Barrow
Starring Richard Hearne
William Hartnell
Austin Trevor
Music by Elizabeth Hiscott
Cinematography Norman Warwick
Edited by Carmen Beliaeff
Shaftesbury Films
Distributed by Renown Pictures Corporation (UK)
Release date
Running time
77 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Tons of Trouble is a 1956 black and white British comedy film directed by Leslie S. Hiscott and starring Richard Hearne, William Hartnell and Austin Trevor.[1][2]


The eccentric caretaker of a block of flats, Mr. Pastry (Richard Hearne), is in charge of two of its boilers, whom he lovingly calls "Mavis" and "Ethel." His affection for the pair leads him into unforeseen problems, and he's fired from his job. Meanwhile, wealthy Sir Hervey Shaw (Austin Trevor) is searching for Mr. Pastry to close an important business deal. Mr. Pastry is found just in the nick of time to save both Sir Hervey's deal, and the temperamental "Ethel", who is on the verge of exploding.


  • Richard Hearne as Mr. Pastry
  • William Hartnell as Bert
  • Austin Trevor as Sir Hervey Shaw
  • Joan Marion as Angela Shaw
  • Robert Moreton as Jevons
  • Ralph Truman as Inspector Bridger
  • Ronald Adam as Psychiatrist
  • Junia Crawford as Diana Little
  • Tony Quinn as Cracknell
  • John Stuart as Doctor
  • Yvonne Hearne as Matron
  • Angela Proctor as Sir Hervey's secretary
  • William Mervyn as Roberts (MI5)
  • Neil Wilson as Milligan
  • John Raikes as Sir Hervey's male secretary
  • Mary Calnan as B.E.A. Girl
  • Sylvia Bidmead as Swissair Girl
  • Cyril Rennison as Plain Clothes Policeman
  • Harrington Brian as Police Doctor
  • John Adams as Policeman

Critical reception[edit]

TV Guide wrote, "Surprisingly, this offbeat story works with some good humor, the elements mixing with effectiveness." [3]


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