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Tonstad skole
Trondheim municipality coat of arms
Founded 1981
Headmaster Iren Rambraut
Employees 58
Enrollment 460

Tonstad School (Norwegian: Tonstad skole) is a school in Trondheim. It is situated between the Tonstad grenda and Moltmyra resident areas, not far from Rosten School, the giant mall City Syd and the schools of KVT and Tiller. It harbors the grades 1-10 and therefore covers both the primary and the lower secondary role.


The school was built in 1980-81 by architect Dag Henning Braathen as the first school in the city of heimdal (Norwegian: Heimdalsbyen), but the district was split along the E6 to Heimdal and the city of Tiller (Norwegian: Tillerbyen) in 1987.[1] The school has 460 students and 58 employees.

The school lists teamwork and the well being of the students as the basis for teaching the basic knowledge and skills to their students.

It has one schoolyard with a playground for the younger students, a small ball court and a synthetic grass football field which is not part of the schools property, but through an agreement letting football teams use the shower and wardrobe facilities at the school, they are allowed to use it during daytime.

During the past[when?] 5 or so years the school has upgraded several facilities including the auditorium, the adding of personal lockers for each student and the aesthetics of the outside and indoor areas.


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