Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play

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Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play
Awarded for Quality supporting roles in a Broadway play
Country United States
Presented by Tony Award Productions (American Theatre Wing and The Broadway League)
First awarded 1949
Currently held by Richard McCabe (2015)
Official website

The Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play is an honor presented at the Tony Awards, a ceremony established in 1947 as the Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence in Theatre, to actors for quality supporting roles in a Broadway play. Honors in several categories are presented at the ceremony annually by the Tony Award Productions, a joint venture of The Broadway League and the American Theatre Wing, to "honor the best performances and stage productions of the previous year."[1]

Originally called the "Tony Award for Actor, Supporting or Featured (Dramatic)", the award was first presented to Arthur Kennedy at the 3rd Tony Awards for his portrayal of Biff Loman in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman.[2] Before 1956, nominees' names were not made public:[3] the change was made by the awards committee to "have a greater impact on theatregoers".[4] In 1976, when the award's name changed to its current title, Edward Herrmann, portraying Frank Gardner in George Bernard Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession, won the award.[5] Its most recent recipient is Richard McCabe for the role of PM Harold Wilson in The Audience.

Frank Langella holds the record for having the most wins in this category with a total of two; he is the only person to win the award more than once. Richard Roma in Glengarry Glen Ross and Phil Hogan in A Moon for the Misbegotten are the only characters to take the award multiple times, both winning twice. A supporting actor in each of Neil Simon's Eugene trilogy (Brighton Beach Memoirs, Biloxi Blues, and Broadway Bound) has taken the Tony, whereas featured actors in both parts of Tony Kushner's Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes series have also won the award.[citation needed] Matthew Broderick currently holds the record for the youngest to ever receive this award.


Year[I] Actor Role Work Nominees Ref.[II]
1949 Kennedy, ArthurArthur Kennedy Biff Loman Death of a Salesman [2]
1951 Wallach, EliEli Wallach Alvaro Mangiacavallo The Rose Tattoo [6]
1952 Cromwell, JohnJohn Cromwell John Gray Point of No Return [7]
1953 Williams, JohnJohn Williams Inspector Hubbard Dial M for Murder [8]
1954 Kerr, JohnJohn Kerr Tom Robinson Lee Tea and Sympathy [9]
1955 Sullivan, Francis L.Francis L. Sullivan Sir Wilfrid Robats, Q.C. Witness for the Prosecution [10]
1956 Begley, EdEd Begley Matthew Harrison Brady Inherit the Wind [11]
1957 Conroy, FrankFrank Conroy Father William Callifer The Potting Shed [12]
1958 Jones, HenryHenry Jones Louis McHenry Howe Sunrise At Campobello [13]
1959 Ruggles, CharlieCharlie Ruggles Mackenzie Savage The Pleasure of His Company [14]
1960 McDowall, RoddyRoddy McDowall Tarquin Edward Mendigales The Fighting Cock [15]
1961 Gabel, MartinMartin Gabel Basil Smythe Big Fish, Little Fish [16]
1962 Matthau, WalterWalter Matthau Benjamin Beaurevers A Shot in the Dark [17]
1963 Arkin, AlanAlan Arkin David Kolowitz Enter Laughing [18]
1964 Cronyn, HumeHume Cronyn Polonius Hamlet [19]
1965 Albertson, JackJack Albertson John Cleary The Subject Was Roses [20]
1966 Magee, PatrickPatrick Magee Marquis de Sade Marat/Sade [21]
1967 Holm, IanIan Holm Lenny The Homecoming [22]
1968 Patterson, JamesJames Patterson Stanley The Birthday Party [23]
1969 Pacino, AlAl Pacino Bickham Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie? [24]
1970 Howard, KenKen Howard Paul Reese Child's Play [25]
1971 Sand, PaulPaul Sand Multiple[IV] Paul Sills' Story Theatre
1972 Gardenia, VincentVincent Gardenia Harry Edison The Prisoner of Second Avenue [26]
1973 Lithgow, JohnJohn Lithgow Kenny Kendal The Changing Room [27]
1974 Flanders, EdEd Flanders Phil Hogan A Moon for the Misbegotten [28]
1975 Langella, FrankFrank Langella Leslie Seascape [29]
1976 Herrmann, EdwardEdward Herrmann Frank Gardner Mrs. Warren's Profession [5]
1977 Pryce, JonathanJonathan Pryce Gethin Price Comedians [30]
1978 Rawlins, LesterLester Rawlins Drumm Da [31]
1979 Gough, MichaelMichael Gough Ernest Bedroom Farce [32]
1980 Rounds, DavidDavid Rounds Homer Bolton Morning's at Seven [33]
1981 Backer, BrianBrian Backer Paul Pollack The Floating Light Bulb [34]
1982 Mokae, ZakesZakes Mokae Sam Master Harold...and the Boys [35]
1983 Broderick, MatthewMatthew Broderick Eugene Jerome Brighton Beach Memoirs [36]
1984 Mantegna, JoeJoe Mantegna Richard Roma Glengarry Glen Ross [37]
1985 Miller, BarryBarry Miller Arnold Epstein Biloxi Blues [38]
1986 Mahoney, JohnJohn Mahoney Artie Shaughnessy The House of Blue Leaves [39]
1987 Randolph, JohnJohn Randolph Ben Broadway Bound [40]
1988 Wong, BDBD Wong Song Liling M. Butterfly [41]
1989 Gaines, BoydBoyd Gaines Peter Patrone The Heidi Chronicles [42]
1990 Durning, CharlesCharles Durning Big Daddy Cat on a Hot Tin Roof [43]
1991 Spacey, KevinKevin Spacey "Uncle" Louie Lost in Yonkers [44]
1992 Fishburne, LaurenceLaurence Fishburne Sterling Two Trains Running [45]
1993 Spinella, StephenStephen Spinella Prior Walter Angels in America: Millennium Approaches [46]
1994 Wright, JeffreyJeffrey Wright Multiple[V] Angels in America: Perestroika
1995 Glover, JohnJohn Glover John and James Jeckyll Love! Valour! Compassion! [47]
1996 Santiago-Hudson, RubenRuben Santiago-Hudson Canewell Seven Guitars [48]
1997 Teale, OwenOwen Teale Torvald Helmer A Doll's House [49]
1998 Murphy, TomTom Murphy Ray Dooley The Beauty Queen of Leenane [50]
1999 Wood, FrankFrank Wood Gene Side Man [51]
2000 Dotrice, RoyRoy Dotrice Phil Hogan A Moon for the Misbegotten [52]
2001 Leonard, Robert SeanRobert Sean Leonard A. E. Housman, from ages 18 to 26 The Invention of Love [53]
2002 Langella, FrankFrank Langella Flegont Alexandrovitch Tropatchov Fortune's Fool [54]
2003 O'Hare, DenisDenis O'Hare Mason Marzak Take Me Out [55]
2004 O'Byrne, Brían F.Brían F. O'Byrne Ralph Frozen [56]
2005 Schreiber, LievLiev Schreiber Richard Roma Glengarry Glen Ross [57]
2006 McDiarmid, IanIan McDiarmid Teddy Faith Healer [58]
2007 Crudup, BillyBilly Crudup Vissarion Belinsky The Coast of Utopia [59]
2008 Norton, JimJim Norton Richard Harkin The Seafarer [60]
2009 Robinson, RogerRoger Robinson Bynum Walker Joe Turner's Come and Gone [61]
2010 Redmayne, EddieEddie Redmayne Ken Red [62]
2011 Hickey, John BenjaminJohn Benjamin Hickey Felix Turner The Normal Heart [63]
2012 Borle, ChristianChristian Borle Black Stache Peter and the Starcatcher [64]
2013 Vance, Courtney B.Courtney B. Vance Hap Hairston Lucky Guy [65]
2014 Rylance, MarkMark Rylance Countess Olivia Twelfth Night [66]
2015 McCabe, RichardRichard McCabe Harold Wilson The Audience

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^[I] Each year is linked to the article about the Tony Awards held that year.
^[II] The "Ref." cites the role the winning actor portrayed in the work; the award winners and nominees are referenced by the general reference.
^[III] The Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play was not presented in 1950.
^[IV] Paul Sills' Story Theatre consists of ten one-act plays.[67] Sand portrayed Cowherd in "The Little Peasant", the Rich Peasant in "The Little Peasant", Robber Bridegroom in "The Robber Bridegroom", Turkey Lurkey in "Henny Penny", Clerk in "The Master Thief", Soldier in "The Master Thief", Simpleton in "The Golden Goose", and Hound in "Town Musicians of Bremen".[68]
^[V] Wright portrayed Mr. Lies, Belize, and a member of the Council of Principalities.[69]


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