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Tony Buon (born December 1960), is a British workplace psychologist, speaker, mediator and author.[1][2][3] He is the Managing Partner of Buon Consultancy based in London, England [4]

Buon has been a Lecturer at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen Scotland,[5] a Senior lecturer at Macquarie University Australia and at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. His areas of expertise include: Workplace psychology; learning & development, alcohol & other drugs in the workplace; employee assistance programs; workplace mediation; cultural communication, recruitment and credentialism [5]


Tony Buon holds diplomas in Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Counseling and Teaching. He has also been awarded degrees in Psychology and Behavioural Sciences and he holds Post-Graduate Qualifications in Education and Organisational Psychology.[2] His post-graduate research was into recruitment and credentialism was conducted at Macquarie University in Australia.


Buon has taught leadership, psychology and human resources management up to Master’s Level in universities in Australia and the UK and has also taught an accredited MBA programme.[6] Today he provides consultancy and training services on learning and development, HRM, workplace mediation and other people issues.[7] Tony Buon has worked in a number of countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia, China, Malaysia, USA, Finland, Greece, GCC, Nigeria, France and Italy.[8]

Born in Scotland, Tony spent many years in Australia where he owned and ran a large workplace psychological services consultancy. He also opened the first private psychological services in the People’s Republic of China.[9] In 2008 he ran training programmes in China for Psychologists providing trauma counselling to the survivors of the Wenchuan earthquake.[10]


Buon has written a number of books and book chapters on subjects related to psychology, communication, coaching and counseling.[11] His best selling book was "The Leadership Coach" [12] part of the well known "Teach Yourself" series and published by Hodder & Stoughton. His most recent book is "Communication Genius: 40 Insights From the Science of Communicating" published by John Murray John Murray (publisher) in 2015 in the UK and in 2016 in the USA[13]

Media appearances[edit]

Buon has been featured in Rolling Stone magazine and The Reader's Digest. He has appeared on CNN, BBC, Trans-World Sport and many international television and radio stations discussing people problems, and workplace psychology.[14]

Film production[edit]

Buon has produced a number of specialist training and educational films, including the Human Rights Australia Award nominated film In Too Deep.[15]

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