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Antonio Maria de Lancastre de Mello e Castro, Conde das Antas, Visconde de Pernes, born in Lisbon, Portugal. Has been designing sailing and motor yachts for 35 years, with about 8,000 boats launched to date that include custom boats and One-design production models. His firm is based on the South Coast of England in Hamble, Southampton

After leaving Ron Holland’s design team in 1980, Castro's first significant racing yacht design was Justine III, for Frank Woods of the National Yacht Club, Ireland. She was the first and only yacht to win the One Ton Cup with five straight first place victories. The same owner then built JUSTINE IV, which was crowned best Offshore Admiral's Cupper in 1983

Then followed IZTANOTHER PURLA, a 43 footer which missed being chosen for the British Admirald's Cup Team, but then went on to win all 7 races in Cowes Week beating all the Admiral's Cuppers, helmed by the late Sir Peter Blake and his NZ crew from Steinlager. A boat full of innovative ideas, including praddle steering, a method of steering using a vertical arm rising from below the cockpit floor.[1][citation needed]

He followed that up with 2 x Quarter-Ton World Championships, MCDONALDS AND SCANDINAVIAN SEAWAYS

a Half Ton Cup (production) with BALTHAZAR and

a 6m JI World Championshop and Coupe de France " THISBE"

  • Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Archiotects ( UK - RINA)
  • Member of the Society of Naval Architects ( USA - SNAME)
  • Chartered Engineer
  • Member of FEANI
  • Member of the Royal Cork Yacht Club
  • Member of the Royal Ocean Racing Club
  • Member of the Royal Southern Yacht Club
  • Member of the Associacao Naval de Lisboa
  • Member of the Clube Naval de Cascais

He was appointed by a member of Royal Cork Yacht Club to redesign the J24, with the aim of producing an exciting sports boat. The client expected a bigger mainsail, a new deck moulding and an effective keel to give greater stability. The result was the 1720 sportsboat. A new era in Sportsboat racing had started: The boats were built in Co. Kerry, and about 100 were built starting with sail number 1720, and although very successful, it was considered that the 1720 had some shortcomings, namely too powerful a rig, which meant that the boat required too many crew. The SB20 ( Sailing boat for three people), elected Boat of the Year Overall 2008, addressed all of these shortcomings and is now to be seen worldwide, numbering 680.

His first job came about when it was discovered that Denis Doyle's yacht Moonduster was floating above her 'marks', having been built less heavily than had been intended her designer, Germán Frers. This, combined with the impracicality caused by the distance from Frers' home in Argentina, made Castro's appointment to advise on the re-measurement and remediation all the more favourable. As a result, lead was attached to the underside of the coachroof and had a hole drilled in the keel to reduce her stability, and give her an exceptionally good handicap for a boat of her size. Moonduster held the Round Ireland monohull record from Wicklow to Wicklow for about 15 years, until the record was broken by a Whitbread around the World yacht. Her fastest elapsed time for the race came in 1984, when she took only 88h, 15m and 43s to complete the course.

Castro works with many of the world's best known boatyards, including the Royal Huisman, Jongert, Palmer Johnson, Neptunus, CS Yachts, Laser, and Jeanneau.

His designs have won prestigious Yacht of the Year awards, a Superyacht Design award and his designs have won several World championships. He has also designed yachts for use in television drama productions by the BBC.

Major regatta results[edit]

  • 2010 Scorpione Dei MariSuperyacht Cup Palma (Regatta winner
  • 2010 Galeon 700 Raptor SkydeckWorld Yachts Award - best design Winner
  • 2010 Galeon 700 Raptor SkydeckWorld Yachts Award - most innovative designWinner
  • 2006ARCADIAInternational Superyacht design AwardOne of the top 32-43m power yachts built in the world
  • 2005AMEENAShowboats international Award Best Sailing Yacht under 40m
  • 2004SIMERONInternational Superyacht design AwardOne of the top five 23-36m Sailing Yachts built in the world
  • 2001FIDELInternational Superyacht design AwardOne of the top six 23-36m Sailing Yachts built in the world
  • 2001PASSE PARTOUTInternational Superyacht design AwardOne of the top six Sailing Yachts over 36m built in the world
  • 2000WILLIAMS 30Motorboat & Yachting ‘Cameron Diaz Award’Sexiest thing to take to the water in 2000!
  • 20001720 One Design Spi Ouest -La Rochelle- (France)1st, 2nd and 3rd Sportsboat
  • 1999NUMBER ONEInternational Superyacht design AwardOne of the top five Sailing Yachts over 36m built in the world
  • 1999CIRCUITEER UK CHS National Championships1st Class II
  • 1999Cork One Design –1720Spi Ouest - La Rochelle- (France)1st Sportsboat
  • 19991720 One Design Easter regatta - UK1st Overall
  • 1999Fend-La-Bise Asturias Trophy IMS 1st Class II
  • 1998 Cork One Design –1720Spi Ouest - (France)1st Sportsboat & 1st Overall
  • 1998 CIRCUITEEREaster Regatta1st Class III
  • 1998 Red SourceLymington Spring Series 1st Class I
  • 1998 Miss CarolRio Circuit (Brasil) 1st Overall
  • 1998 CIRCUITEERRound Island Race 1st Classes 1 to 4
  • 1998 Shoot the BarNorth Sea Race1st Class II
  • 1997 Cork One Design -1720Rover Series 1st Sportsboat
  • 1997 Red SourceLymington Spring Series 1st Class I
  • 1997 Cork One Design -1720Round the Island Dinghy Race 1st Sportsboat
  • 1997 FLAIR IIRound the Island Race 1st Class III
  • 1997 CIRCUITEERHamble Week –Weekend 4 x 1st Class I
  • 1997 Fend-la-bise (ILC30)Tour of PORTUGAL 1st IMS overall
  • 1997 Fend-la-bise (ILC30)RIAS (Spain) 1st IMS overall
  • 1996 Cork One Design -1720Red Funnel CHS Easter Challenge 1st Overall
  • 1996Cork One Design -1720Warsash Spring Series 1st Sportsboat
  • 1996CIRCUITEER Plymouth Spring Series 1st Overall CHS
  • 1996CIRCUITEER CHS Nationals 1st Class II
  • 1996CIRCUITEER CORK Week 2nd Class II
  • 1996FLAIR II CORK Week 2nd Class III
  • 1996BLAZEFalmouth Week 1st Overall
  • 1995INTRIGUEKing of Derwent -Tasmania - (IMS)1st
  • 1995ROCIORuta de la Sal -Spain1st
  • 1995MISS PIGGYSunk Race - EAORA1st
  • 1995MISS PIGGYWalton Trophy 1st
  • 1995MISS PIGGYCork Sand Race1st
  • 1995MOTA GALIZA Tour of Portugal 1st Overall IMS
  • 1995MG 26 Tour of Portugal 1st Overall CHS
  • 1995MISS PIGGYCOWES Week 1st Class IV
  • 1995MISS PIGGYBuckleys Goblet – EAORA 1st Class IV
  • 1995CORDON ROUGE (mg345)NECRA CHS95 OVERALL 1st Overall
  • 1994RED SOURCESpring Series – Solent 1st
  • 1994RED SOURCE Rocking Chair - Cowes Week1st
  • 1994FLAIR - MG346CORK WEEK ClassIV1st
  • 1994RED SOURCEAutumn Series Lymington UK 7 x 1st
  • 1994BLADEFreeman Cup -IMS (Canada) Winner
  • 1994BLADELake Ontario Cup –IMS Winner
  • 1994BLADECentennial Race - IMS (Canada) Winner
  • 1994BLADEBOAT OF THE YEAR – Canada Winner
  • 1993ESPIRITO DE MADEIRAAMERICA 500 (Transatlantic Race) 1st
  • 1993FLAIR MG346Britania Cup 1st
  • 1993RED SOURCEWinter Series – Solent 6 x 1st
  • 1993MISS PIGGYPatison Cup - East Anglia 1st
  • 1993MISS PIGGYPatison Cup - East Anglia 1st
  • 1993BLADEFreeman Cup -IMS (Canada) Winner
  • 1993BLADECentennial Race - IMS (Canada) Winner
  • 1992INTRIGUEMaria Island Race- Tasmania 1st
  • 1991FLAIR MG335COWES WEEK 1st, ClassIV
  • 1991RED STRIPE 45'ACCoronation Cup 1st
  • 1991RED STRIPE 45'AC Rocking Chair 1st
  • 1991MISS PIGGY (1/2 Tonner)Burnham Week 1st, Class II
  • 1991BIMBLEGUMBIE Fastnet Race 3rd Two Ton
  • 1990JUNO IV 45'AC Setimana Del Boque Race, Sardinia 1st
  • 1990JUNO IV 45'ACKings Cup Spain 2nd
  • 1990JUNO IV 45'ACSardinia Cup 2nd
  • 1990RED STRIPE 45'ACNew York Cup 1st
  • 1990RED STRIPE 45'ACCoronation Cup 1st.
  • 1990RED STRIPE 45'ACBritannia Cup 1st
  • 1990MISS PIGGYMini Admiral's Cup 1st
  • 1990BLADEFreeman Cup (Canada) Winner
  • 1989JUNO IV ADMIRAL'S CUP Winner - British 3 yacht team
  • 1989JUNO IVSOUTHERN CROSS CUP 89 series, Australia Winner - British 3 yacht team
  • 1989INTRIGUE1989 Sydney-Hobart Race1st in Class II
  • 1988Blue ArrowBritish America's Cup ChallengeCo-designer
  • 1988MCDONALDSQuarter Ton Cup Worlds 1st
  • 1988MG 26Top Production quarter-tonner Winner
  • 1988JELIKChina Sea Series. Winner
  • 1988SUNSTREAKERChina Sea Race Winner
  • 1988TURKISH DELIGHTSpi Ouest France Winner
  • 1987MCDONALDSQuarter Ton Cup Worlds 1st
  • 1987MG 26Top Production Quarter Tonner Winner
  • 1987VENTOKiel Week Germany Winner
  • 1986WHOPPERQuarter Ton Cup Worlds 2nd (after protest only)
  • 1986C.S.40(Production) Yacht of the Year USA Winner
  • 1986BARRACUDA OF TARRANTR.O.R.C. Yacht of the Year Winner
  • 1986MAIDEN HONG KONG China Sea Series RaceOverall Winner
  • 1986MAIDEN HONG KONGChina Sea Race (700 mls) Winner
  • 1986BLADEFreeman Cup (Canada) Winner
  • 1986BLADELake Ontario Cup Winner
  • 1985INTRIGUEAdmiral's CupTop Australian Admiral's Cupper
  • 1985INTRIGUEYacht of the year – Australia Winner
  • 1985WHIRLWINDR.O.R.C. Yacht of the year Winner
  • 1984BALTHAZARHalf Ton CupTop Production Half-Tonner
  • 1984BALTHAZARTomatin Trophy Scottish Series Winner
  • 1984TSUNAMIChina Sea Race Winner
  • 1984SUNSTREAKERChina Sea Series RaceOverall Winner
  • 1983SUNSTREAKEROne Ton Cup Worlds 2nd
  • 1983JUSTINE IV. Admirals CupTop Offshore Admiral's Cupper in 83
  • 1983JEANNEAU SUNSHINEYacht of the year – France Winner
  • 1981JUSTINE IIIOne Ton World Cup 1st (Only yacht tp date ever to win all 5 races)

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Major Achievements[edit]

  • 4 International Offshore Racing (IOR) World Championships
  • Designer of the only IOR boat ever to win all its races in a World Championship
  • International 6m World Champion
  • Designer of 4 "Boat of Year" awards in the UK, France and US
  • Admirals Cup Winner 1989 with "JUNO IV"
  • Co-Designer for "BLUE ARROW" a British America’s Cup Challenge

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  1. ^ seen at Wicklow Sailing Club before competing in Round Ireland Yacht Race as 'The Famous Grouse'.

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