Tony Gowland

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Tony Gowland
Personal information
Full name Anthony J Gowland
Born (1945-05-13) May 13, 1945 (age 72)
 United Kingdom
Team information
Discipline Track and Road
Role Rider
Rider type Six day specialist
Amateur team(s)
- Polytechnic CC
Professional team(s)
1968 Falcon
1969–1970 Carlton - Truwel
1971 TI - Carlton
1972–1973 Skol
1974–1975 Bantel
1976 Skol
1977 Midlet - B.S.A.
1978 Midlet - Chrysler

Anthony J Gowland, known as Tony Gowland (born 13 May 1945 [1] in Hendon, London[2]) is an English competitive track cyclist,[3] and a former six-day rider.[4] He was a professional cyclist between 1968 and 1978.[1]

Gowland was a talented track rider as an amateur before turning professional for Carlton, a subsidiary of Raleigh. Turning professional allowed him to ride the London Six, often called the Skol Six, in 1968. He signed his contract, with organiser Ron Webb, in the office of Cycling Weekly in Fleet Street, London. In 1971 he came second in London and won in Montreal, with Gianni Motta of Italy. In 1972 he won the London Six with the Belgian rider, Patrick Sercu.

In 1978 Gowland held a training session at Harlow for riders interested in riding six-day races. They were called the Tony Gowland Master Class and almost all the Harlow club riders turned out.[4]

Gowland lives in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire.


2nd tandem sprint, British National Tandem Sprint Championships, Amateur, (with Ian Alsop)
Amateur 50 mile Madison, Salford Park, gold (with Ian Alsop)
2nd Tandem Sprint, British National Tandem Sprint Championships, Amateur, (with Ian Alsop)
3rd Amateur 50 mile Madison, Herne Hill (with Ian Alsop)
3rd Heage (GBR)
1st Remington (GBR)
10th London, Six Days (GBR); with Piet Van Der Lans
1st Folkestone (GBR)
3rd Rochester (GBR)
6th London, Six Days (GBR); with Piet Van Der Lans
2nd London, Six Days (GBR); with Sigi Renz
3rd British National Stayers Championships, Elite
2nd London, Six Days (GBR); with Alain Van Lancker
1st Montréal, Six Days (CAN); with Gianni Motta
1st London six day (Wembley), with Patrick Sercu[5]
1st Balderton (GBR)
3rd Woodstock (GBR)
4th London, Six Days (GBR); with Graeme Gilmore
2nd Black Park (GBR)
3rd London, Six Days (GBR); with Sigi Renz
2nd London, Six Days (GBR); with Wilfried Peffgen
1st Morecambe (GBR)
4th London, Six Days (GBR); with Gunther Haritz
5th London, Six Days (GBR); with Patrick Sercu


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