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Tony Hwang
Member of the Connecticut Senate
from the 28th District
Assumed office
Preceded by John P. McKinney
Member of the Connecticut House of Representatives
from the 134th district
In office
Preceded by Tom F. Christiano
Succeeded by Caroline Simmons
Personal details
Born (1964-09-17) September 17, 1964 (age 53)
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Grace
Residence Fairfield, Connecticut
Alma mater Cornell University (BS)

Tony Hwang (simplified Chinese: 黄涛; traditional Chinese: 黃濤; pinyin: Huáng Tāo; born September 17, 1964) is a residential real estate agent for Coldwell Banker and serves as the state senator for the 28th District (parts of Fairfield and Newton, CT). Previously, Hwang served as a state representative for the 134th District in the Connecticut General Assembly.[1][2] Hwang became a state representative in 2008 and won re-election in 2010 and 2012. Hwang serves as the Republican ranking member of the Legislature’s Government Administration and Elections Committee. He also serves on the Insurance and Real Estate and the Public Safety and Security Committees.[3]

In April 2014, Hwang announced he would run for the 28th State Senate District. His Democratic opponent was 133rd District State Rep. Kim Fawcett.[4] Hwang was endorsed by State Senator John McKinney.[5] McKinney vacated the Senate seat in order to run for governor, but subsequently lost in the Republican primary to Tom Foley.[6] On November 6, 2014, Hwang won the State Senate seat for the 28th District after receiving 55 percent of the votes.[7] In 2016, Hwang received re-election endorsements from Robert H. Steele, John Kasich, the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, and The National Federation of Independent Business among others.[8][9][10]


Hwang was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan after his parents fled the communist government in mainland China as teenagers and re-settled in Taiwan.[11] The family emigrated to Watertown, New York when Hwang was approximately 9 years old. His family’s first residence in this country was in a federally subsidized housing project until his family moved to Syracuse, NY approximately 3 years later. Hwang began his education in the US, not able to speak or read the English language. Hwang started in remedial English as a 2nd language (ESL) curriculum during his initial years in America. It was through the inspirations and motivation of his parents and the caring and counsel of great teachers that he succeeded academically by graduating from Corcoran High School in the Syracuse Public School system and later from Cornell University with a B.S. Degree in Labor Relations and Organizational Behavior.

Hwang’s first job was working in his family’s restaurant in Syracuse, New York throughout his teenage years. After graduating college, he joined United Technologies’ corporate training program in Hartford, Connecticut. He was employed there for several years in the executive search industry before becoming a realtor with Coldwell Banker.

Throughout the nearly two decades in Connecticut, Hwang has lived in the 134th District and has been a dedicated community public advocate. He is a longtime member of the Rotary (Westport Sunrise Rotary Club), volunteers at Wakeman Boys & Girls Club (after school youth programs), Operation Hope (homeless shelter), the Center for Women and Families (domestic violence) and previously served as an assistant tennis coach at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut.

Hwang and his wife Grace are the parents of a daughter and son.

2014 Investigation of Public Campaign Funds Use and Disclosure[edit]

Despite Rep. Tony Hwang's being the Republican ranking member of the Government Administration and Elections Committee, the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission voted and authorized an investigation of State Rep. Tony Hwang on September 16, 2014.[12]

The investigation was authorized by the Connecticut Commission upon reviewing complaints and submitted materials from Town of Fairfield's Democratic Town Committee. The complaint alleges State Rep. Tony Hwang did not disclose the purchase of supplemental campaign materials, essentially augmenting the closely monitored public funding of a campaign, with a particular focus on State Rep. Tony Hwang logo-ridden apparel and large signs serving as advertising on Fairfield golf courses.[13]

State Rep. Tony Hwang explained that the apparel were his own clothes and a large public-facing sign was from a previous election.[14] According to the "2014 Guide for Statewide Office and General Assembly Candidates", a State Senator candidate may use up to $2,000 of personal funds and the use of these funds must be clearly disclose in detail. Similarly, Prior Assets from previous campaigns must be similarly disclosed and accounted at the previous campaign's value. In both cases, the personal funds or prior assets reduce the amount of public financing handed over to the candidate.[15]

State Rep. Tony Hwang called the claims petty, accused the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee as trying to distract the electorate and expected to be exonerated.[16] No public discussion about conflict of interest between the Committee's investigation and State Rep. Tony Hwang's legislative role has emerged to date.

Fighting Domestic Violence[edit]

In 2012, State Rep. Tony Hwang was recognized in a new class of "First 100 Plus" Men for their leadership in fighting domestic violence by the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence.[17] The statewide event, held at the Crowne Plaza in Cromwell, gave the organization an opportunity to reflect on the positive legislative changes that have taken place in preventing domestic violence and honored those who have made significant contributions to that effort, while also recognizing the tremendous work ahead in ending domestic abuse.[18]


State Rep. Tony Hwang received the 2014 “Champion of Youth” award given annually by the Connecticut Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs at its annual legislative breakfast at the State Capitol on February 27, 2014.[19]

The Bridgeport Regional Business Council recognized State Representative Tony Hwang with the AT&T Regional IMPACT Legislator Award on June 3, 2014.[20]

The League of Conservation Voters endorsed State Rep. Hwang for the 28th Senate District on August 13, 2014.[21]

Legislative Highlights[edit]

As of 28 June 2014, Hwang has introduced thirty-three bills [22] in the Connecticut General Assembly.

2015 Budget Position[edit]

State Rep. Tony Hwang, R-134th District, voted along party lines against the Connecticut state budget that was ultimately passed.[23] Representative Hwang was a strong supporter of a different package referred to as the Honest and Responsible Alternative budget introduced by Representatives Cafero, Klarides, Candelora, Williams and Miner.[24][25][26] Both budgets were balanced budgets due to the requirements of the state constitution. The Rep. Hwang-supported alternative focused on cuts in social services, which has been in conflict with Hwang's public positions of support for these areas:

  • Rep. Hwang had issued press releases on community support subjects: to "shine a light" on autism,[27] supporting Operation Hope [28] and supporting women and family events.[29] In 2014, by voting for the Honest and Responsible Alternative budget and against the state's approved budget, Rep. Hwang voted to cut housing and homeless Services by $600,000, reducing temporary assistance for needy families by $4.6M, reducing aid to the disabled by $4.5M and reducing health care for children by $2.9M.[30]
  • Rep. Hwang had issued press releases on senior and elderly subjects: about increasing awareness about senior fraud,[31] supporting Elder Services [32] and proclaiming the Fairfield Senior Center as a town treasure.[33] In 2014, through the budget votes, Rep. Hwang voted to reduce the renters' rebate for elderly renters by $3M and reducing old age assistance by $1.1M.[34]
  • Rep. Hwang had issued press releases on education subjects: supporting Connecticut bio-science investments in combination with University of Connecticut's STEM,[35] a program supporting Diversity Day at Osborne Hill School,[36] and hosting a Trumbull elementary school at the state capitol.[37] In 2014, Rep. Hwang voted to reduce the Connecticut Department of Education budget by $6M, a reduction in a block grant to Connecticut State University for $3M and a reduction in Nexus special education funding by $1.2M.

Transportation Record[edit]

State Rep. Tony Hwang served the Transportation Committee for the 2009-2010 session. In 2011, Rep. Hwang resigned the Transportation Committee assignment and joined the Government Administration and Elections Committee for both the 2011-2012 and 2013-2014 terms. He has not served on Transportation Legislative Committees since 2010.[38]

A Metro-North Railroad passenger train derailed in Hwang's home town of Fairfield in 2013. The accident saw eight passenger cars derail, left 46 people injured with no fatalities. The National Transportation Safety Board concluded the accident was due to track infrastructure failures.[39] In March 2014, Rep. Hwang issued a press release to say, "he will fight for ‘action’ and demand that Fairfield County commuters get the proper funding for transportation improvements from Hartford." [40]

In May 2014, Rep. Hwang voted against the 2015 bond authorization for state infrastructure investments. His vote against the bill was consistent with seven other legislators. Republican and Democratic leadership voted for the bill as well as 92 Democrats and 44 other Republicans.[41] The bill was passed and signed by the Connecticut governor.[42] The bond package's transportation infrastructure investments included $42M for bus and rail facilities and equipment, $10M for bridges, $5.4M in highway and bridge renewal equipment, $3M for improvements on the Merritt Parkway, $10M for a federal mandated asset management plan and $60M for investments in local roads (referred to as the Town-Aid-Road program).[43]

Environmental Record[edit]

State Rep. Tony Hwang, R-134th District, was a member of the Legislative Environment Committee in 2011[44] and 2012.[45] The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters scored Hwang 57% in 2011[46] and 63% in 2012[47] for voting in favor of top environmental legislation in Connecticut. He ranked 110th out of 151 Connecticut State Representatives with a Lifetime Score of 80% as of the latest 2014 scorecard.[48] Environmental legislation that Hwang has supported has included improved labeling for Genetically Modified Organisms foods and Mattress Recycling.[49] Environmental legislation that Hwang has voted against included Reducing Phosphorus in State Waters [50] and a bill focused on Chemicals of High Concern to Children.[51]

Storm Sandy Cleanup[edit]

Tony participated in the Fairfield Beach area cleanup effort after 2012's Hurricane Sandy. The clean up effort was started by three young friends, Katie Boland, Lindsey Morton and Kelly Niznansky. Their idea of making a difference inspired over 1,000 volunteers and local businesses to come together to help their neighbors. There were no political party labels, partisan agendas or bureaucratic infighting. Everyone heeded the call to make a positive difference.[52][53]


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