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Tony Jimenez (born December 1962 in Brixton, London, England) is an international businessman known for his involvement in European football.

Jimenez is of Spanish nationality and has been a long time resident of Cyprus although he returned to reside in Dubai[1] from where he controls a series of property developments. He has served as the vice-president in charge of player recruitment for Newcastle United and the co-owner of Charlton Athletic

HMRC Defeated[edit]

Jimenez recently{20 October 2017} won a landmark ruling against the United Kingdom's HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs). He took the HMRC to the High Courts in London over their pursuit of him despite having been a non resident of the UK for well over a decade. He has lived in Cyprus, and more latterly for a more substantial amount of years, in Dubai as a resident. The ruling was made in the High Court in London, Queens Bench Division, by His Honour Justice Charles. The HMRC case against him was both quashed and all of Jimenez's costs were awarded against HMRC.

Jimenez said after receiving the High Court Order, and accompanying Judgement: "I am very pleased with this High Court decision. "Both my legal and tax teams did a truly excellent job of presenting His Honour Justice Charles with a cogent and thorough case. Jimenez continued: "For a long time HMRC have held the view that distance was no object to their powers meaning any ex-pats outside of the UK were in their sights long after they had left the UK. "Young or old, rich or poor, retired or not or simply wanting to move to warmer climates and having made the decision to no longer be a resident of the UK, made no difference the attitude that HMRC adopted towards these ex-pats. "This ruling shows that this is fundamentally not the case and that HMRC's powers actually stop at the UK border. This is I feel an important landmark decision that effects many thousands of British Citizens. "I won't deny this has been a fair old slog. But the outcome vindicates the efforts that I along with my excellent team whom I thank now most sincerely for achieving this outcome for me and those many thousands of UK ex-pats who were treated like I was." ( as well as original sealed Court Order and Judgement issued at The High Courts of Justice in London)

He is currently in litigation with Sports Direct and Newcastle owner Mike Ashley over a property deal in France. Ashley has made accusations of a financial nature against Jimenez, protected by the British Law of Absolute Privilege allowing any statements made under this law to be allowed to be repeated in the Press.( Court docs Feb 2017 as source material, also published in The Financial Times, The Times, Business week,BBC, and others on 10 August) Jimenez has gone on the record and vehemently denied the accusations (The Times, Bloomberg directly on record) at the time. He has also been quoted as saying that he is putting together an international specialist team of investigators to push back against what he has referred to, again in his own words, what he regards as malicious accusations that he claims have also caused him reputational damage. (In his own words whilst in London on Sept 24th 2017 and earlier in a statement to Bloomberg).

The Commons Business select committee of six MP's made a spot check of Ashley's Shirebrook premises in November 2016 which led to a listening device - a 'bug' - being discovered by Redcar MP Anna Turley during what was supposed to be a private gathering in a conference room, resulting in the MP stating she was 'very disappointed' (The Independent, Daily Telegraph and UK National Press Agency PA). Another MP who was present and part of the committee as its chairman, Iain Wright MP, went further and publicly stated that this alleged eavesdropping was 'Absolutely Disgraceful' and continued by stating this action was 'Really Disgusting'. (Sources: BBC, PA, The Independent, The Telegraph, November 2016)

He has a number of grown up children. He has been associated in the past with fundraising for the children's charity Variety Club. ( confirmed by the organisation itself and on website) [2]


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