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Tony Juliano
Tony Juliano, photo by Charles Thomson.jpg
Born February 7, 1975 (1975-02-07)
Education Paier College of Art
Known for Painting
Movement Stuckism

Tony Juliano (also known as Tony “Baloney” Juliano) (born February 7, 1975) is a satirist painter in New Haven, Connecticut and is affiliated with the international art movement Stuckism.

Life and work[edit]

Tony Juliano was born in 1975. He received a BFA from the Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut in 1997.

From 1997 to 2001, he re-designed classic toys for Hasbro and Milton Bradley.

In 2001, he exhibited at the Rx: Comic Relief show held at John Slade Ely House in New Haven, Connecticut with other exhibiting artists Chris Capezzone, Bob Hepner, Rita Valley and Bill Saunders.

In 2003, Juliano founded Agoo Art, a free-lance fine art limited liability company. He was commissioned to paint murals for The Peabody Museum of Natural History in New Haven, Connecticut and at Stew Leonard's Haunted Farm in Norwalk, Connecticut and the Hamden Connecticut Public Library.

Juliano exhibited at CBGB gallery called CB’s 313 Gallery in New York City with Attaboy, KRK Ryden, Patrick Williams, Naoto Hattori and Porkchop during the "Happily Deranged" show.

In August 2005, Juliano and Jesse Richards curated an international exhibition called Addressing the Shadow and Making Friends with Wild Dogs: Remodernism at CB's 313 Gallery in New York City.

In 2004, Juliano was awarded the Business New Haven Rising Star Award for his accoplishments.

Juliano was included as one of the US representatives in the Stuckists' first national gallery show, The Stuckists Punk Victorian, which was held at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool during the Liverpool Biennial.

In 2006, Art that Brings Meaning to your Life at Hygienic Art Gallery, showcased Juliano’s paintings as well as Aidan Moran, Kim Mikenis and David Marshall.

In 2007, Juliano curated an art and music exhibition at The NEST Art Lofts in Bridgeport, Connecticut where Juliano had the CT Roller Derby girls serve refreshments on their roller skates.

From 2004 to 2010, Juliano taught art at the Music and Arts Center for Humanity in Bridgeport, Connecticut and the 21st century in Orange, Connecticut.

Tony Juliano's artwork has been in magazines and books such as Direct Art, Juxtapoz, ISM quarterly, Art Buzz, and The Book of SPAM.

In 2007, Juliano started producing, Forgot to Laugh: Sideshow and Animation Festival. A combination of live circus performances that include fire acts, world ranked yo-yo performers, magicians, contortionists, burlesque, knife throwers, sword swallowers and other acts. Also animated shorts from Bill Plympton, Spike and Mike, Aardman Animations, and Happy Tree Friends.


"I love Tony "Baloney" Juliano's paintings, and was thrilled that he was lending his unique vision to creating an actual comic book! Despite starting a Comic Art museum, I may not know too much about Art, but I know what I like. Now you can experience Tony's comic book for yourself. And that's no 'Baloney'!" - Lawrence Klein Chairman of the MoCCA Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

“Juliano's work is accessible, widely-appealing, and often damn funny, but also contains undercurrents of more serious thought. But not too serious - after all, this guy named his pet Commander Hamster.” - Nick Scalia PLAY Magazine

"Tony takes art to a whole new world, and I love that crazy world of his!" - Bill Plympton animator

“Tony is a good man. Producing is not an easy thing to do and I applaud his efforts. The economy is in the tank and Tony has managed to get businesses to give it up for the arts. Makes me happy to be a part of Forgot To Laugh!” - The Great Throwdini an Impalement arts

Past exhibitions[edit]

  • City Lights Gallery" - Bridgeport, CT. (group exhibit)

"Off the Wall / On the Wall" March 13 - April 26, 2008

  • 3rd Rail Studios - New Rochelle, NY. (group exhibit)

"Pot Shots at Hot Shots" March 8 - April 12, 2008

  • l'art Noir New Orleans - New Orleans, LA. (group exhibit)

"Comic Show" March 24 - April 25, 2007

  • Europa Gallery - Brooklyn, NY. (solo exhibit)

"Paper Cuts" July 30 - August 13, 2006

  • Art Underground - Baltimore, MD. (featured artist)

“Number 2” April 7 - May 6, 2006

  • Hygienic Art Gallery - New London, CT. (group exhibit)

“Art that Brings Meaning to your Life” December 31, 2005 - January 21, 2006

  • La Viande - London, England (group exhibit)

"PAINTING IS THE MEDIUM OF YESTERDAY" September 23 - October 5, 2006

  • Hope Gallery - New Haven, CT. (duo exhibit)

“Tater Tot Farmers” April 1–14, 2005

  • CB’s 313 Gallery New York, NY. (group exhibition)

“Addressing the Shadow and making Friends with Wild Dogs: Remondernism” August 2–29, 2005

  • The Walker - Liverpool, England (group exhibition)

“The Stuckist Punk Victorian” September 18, 2004 - February 20, 2005

  • Firehouse Gallery - Milford, CT. (group exhibit)

“Reference to the Masters” August 12 - September 19, 2004

  • Limner Gallery - New York, NY. (group exhibit)

“Emerging Artists Exhibit” February 4–21, 2004

  • Small Space Gallery & Space 63 - New Haven, CT. (group exhibit)

“3 Miserable Bastards!” January 7 - February 20, 2004 Part of the Arts Council of Greater New Haven

  • ALL Gallery - New Haven, CT. (group exhibit)

“Cold” November 14 - December 21, 2003

  • The Art Coalition - North Hollywood, CA. (group exhibit)

“Body Art” August 1–31, 2003

  • Firehouse Gallery - Milford, CT. (group exhibit)

“Reference to the Masters” July 3–27, 2003

  • Hygienic Art Gallery - New London, CT. (featured artist)

“Figure it Out” May 2 - June 1, 2003

  • CB’s 313 Gallery - New York, NY. (group exhibit)

“Happily Deranged” April 1–26, 2003

  • Stuckism International Center USA - New Haven, CT. (group exhibit)

“War on Bush” March 21 - April 25, 2003

  • Stuckism International Center USA - New Haven, CT. (group exhibit)

“We Just Wanna Show Some F***in’ Paintings” September 9 - October 7, 2002

  • The Art Coalition - North Hollywood, CA. (group exhibit)

“Passionate Portraits” August 1–31, 2002

  • Stuckism International Centre - London, England. (group exhibit)

“The First Stuckist International” July 26 - October 6, 2002

  • Margaret L. MacDonough Gallery - New Haven, CT. (solo exhibit)

“Playing with Matches” February 1–14, 2002

  • John Slade Ely House - New Haven, CT. (group exhibit)

“Rx: Comic Relief” October 14 - December 16, 2001

  • York Square Gallery - New Haven, CT. (solo exhibit)

“Taking Out the Trash” January 14 - February 15, 2001

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