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Tony Lee Moral is a British documentary film maker and writer.

Moral is also the creative director of Sabana Films, a television and film production company based in the UK.[1] He directs factual, specialist factual and entertainment programmes for television, such as; Man vs Wild, Bill Bailey's Birdwatching Bonanza, Last Man Standing, Globetrekker and Wild Thing I Love You.

His three books on Alfred Hitchcock; Alfred Hitchcock's Movie Making Masterclass The Making of Hitchcock's The Birds [2] and Hitchcock and the making of Marnie (ISBN 978-0810856844) which investigates the behind the scenes of one of Alfred Hitchcock's most controversial films. The book also examines the critical reception of Marnie.[3]

Moral criticised the BBC and HBO for their portrayal of Hitchcock in The Girl, a drama they co-produced in 2012. He claimed that the film showed Hitchcock "as a 'lascivious letch'", and "of 'damaging his reputation'."[4]



  • Ghost Maven (2016)[5]
  • Playing Mrs. Kingston (2014)[6]


  • The Making of Hitchcock's The Birds (2013)[7]
  • Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie, Revised Edition (2013)
  • Alfred Hitchcock's Movie Making Masterclass (2013)[8]


  • The Cat that Changed America (2016)
  • The Secret Life of Your House (2015)
  • Zoo Diaries (2014)
  • Supertruckers (2014)
  • Vinnie Jones: Russia's Toughest (2013)
  • Scottish Passport (2012)
  • The Ancient Life 3D (2011)
  • Globetrekker (2011)
  • Time Team (2011)
  • Help! My House is Infested (2011)
  • Wild Britain with Ray Mears (2010)
  • Bill Bailey's Birdwatching Bonanza (2010)
  • Monsters Inside Me (2009)
  • Last Man Standing (2009)
  • Naked Science (2009)
  • Man vs Wild (2008)
  • Wild thing I Love You (2006)
  • A Place in the Sun (2004)
  • The Shape of Life (2002)
  • The Animal Zone (1999)