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Tony Lucca
Background information
Birth name Anthony James Lucca
Born (1976-01-23) January 23, 1976 (age 41)
Pontiac, Michigan, United States
Origin Waterford, Michigan
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, bass
Years active 1991–present
Labels 222, Rock Ridge, Lucca
Associated acts TFDI

Anthony James "Tony" Lucca (born January 23, 1976), is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and actor. He is perhaps best known for starting his career on The Mickey Mouse Club. After the Mickey Mouse Club, Lucca went to Los Angeles, California, for a brief career as an actor, then became a full-time musician. He is a consistent touring artist and has toured with a multitude of acts, including Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, *NSYNC, Marc Anthony, Josh Hoge, Sara Bareilles,[1] Matt Duke, Tyrone Wells, and the late Chris Whitley. He was the second runner-up on the second season (2012) of the American reality television singing competition talent show, The Voice, broadcast on NBC.

Early life[edit]

Lucca was born in Pontiac, Michigan, the son of Sally and Tony Lucca.[2] Lucca is of Italian, Welsh, French, and English descent.[2] Lucca grew up around a large and musical extended family,[3] as his mother Sally was tenth of twelve children of the Detroit jazz piano player James "Jimmy" Stevenson.[4][5][6] Lucca grew up in Waterford, Michigan, and began singing at age 3[7] and child modeling at age 9.[2] When he was 12, he began playing in Detroit-area bands with his cousin, Cole Garlak.[4][7][8][9]

Professional and musical career[edit]

Early career[edit]

When Lucca was 14, he went to Detroit to audition for the Disney movie Newsies, only to find out the audition was for The Mickey Mouse Club instead.[3] Encouraged by his sister, he auditioned for the show and was picked for callbacks in Los Angeles.[2][3] In Los Angeles, he was selected along with 8 other kids to join the cast for the fourth season of the show. Lucca moved to Orlando, Florida, with his mother and lived in an apartment complex with other castmates and traveled back to Michigan between seasons.[2] He remained with the show for four seasons, until being let go during the seventh season when the show was canceled.

In 1995, after the cancellation of the Mickey Mouse Club, Lucca moved to Los Angeles to begin an acting career.[7] He lived with fellow Mickey Mouse Club castmate Keri Russell, his girlfriend at the time. Russell and Lucca were cast and played leads together on the Aaron Spelling-produced Malibu Shores,[10][11] a television teen drama series, which lasted for one season. During this time he filmed commercials for Levi Jeans, J.C. Penney, and Blockbuster Video.[2] He had minor success in movies, appearing in an NBC movie of the week, Her Last Chance with Kellie Martin and Jonathan Brandis,[12] as well as two independent features.[13] He left acting in 1997 to pursue music.

In 1997, Lucca self-released his first music album, So Satisfied, which he also co-produced.[4] In 1998, he launched his website and began to sell his debut CD and its self-released follow-up, Strong Words Softly Spoken through the website and at live shows He later released two EPs and a limited series of Live & Limited CDs through his site; each CD sold was numbered and signed. In 2001 and 2002, he served as opening act for boy band NSYNC, which featured fellow Mickey Mouse Club co-stars Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez.

Lucca's third full-length album and his first commercially distributed, Shotgun, was released in 2004 in conjunction with Lightyear and New Vibe Records; the album was executive co-produced by JC Chasez, who Lucca toured with to support the album.[14] 2006 saw the release of Canyon Songs, recorded in both Laurel and Beachwood Canyons,[15] and Live In Hollywood, a live concert album; both albums were distributed by Rock Ridge Music. Come Around Again was released in 2008.

Lucca participated in a cooperative tour with Jay Nash and Matt Duke, which resulted in the 2009 EP entitled TFDI. The collaboration, which stands for "Totally Fuckin' Doing It"[16] was recorded in the Evanston, Illinois, studio SPACE during an impromptu visit to the studio, after the three artists formed a friendship during the tour.[7][17] Lucca briefly returned to acting in 2010, starring in a 901 Silver Tequila commercial, which was directed by the brand's founder Justin Timberlake.[18] He also played himself on an episode of Parenthood, appearing as a performing musician.[19] Lucca's sixth album was released in 2010, entitled Rendezvous With the Angels, on Rock Ridge Music. Solo, an acoustic CD composed of b-sides and previously unreleased recordings was released in November 2010, and given away for free in conjunction with's MP3 web store. Lucca recorded a second collaborative CD with Jay Nash and Matt Duke, TFDI II, which was released mid-2011.

The Voice and after[edit]

On February 5, 2012, Tony appeared on the Blind Auditions of the American reality talent show The Voice in its second season. He performed Ray LaMontagne's "Trouble", and all four judges hit their red "I Want You" button for him. He chose to join Adam Levine's team.[20] It was also in this show he reunited with fellow Mouseketeer Christina Aguilera. He advanced to the semi-finals, which he performed "How You Like Me Now" by The Heavy and moved on to the final round. For the final round on May 7, he performed Hugo's country-styled version of the Jay-Z song, "99 Problems". On May 8, 2012, Lucca made his last performance on the show duetting with fellow contestant Jordis Unga formerly of Team Blake on the Fleetwood Mac song, "Go Your Own Way". Later that night, it was announced he had placed third in the competition, barely placing ahead of Mann by one quarter of a percentage point and coming behind winner Jermaine Paul from Team Blake and first runner-up Juliet Simms from Team Cee Lo. Lucca was later signed to Adam Levine's record label, 222 Records.

Lucca released a six-song EP, With The Whole World Watching, on July 16, 2013. Lucca toured extensively following the release, including six dates on the Honda Civic Tour opening for Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5.

Lucca joined Patreon in 2013. On November 12, 2013, while plugging Patreon on his YouTube channel, Tony announced he is no longer with Adam Levine's record label 222 Records. Excerpt: "Some of you know that recently I was signed to a fairly high profile record deal. -Super cool. What most of you don't know is that, said "record deal", has since come to an end. -Not as cool. Your basic record business 101 really..."

Other ventures[edit]

Many of Lucca's songs have been featured in various TV shows, including Friday Night Lights, Brothers & Sisters, Shark and Felicity and in the movie Open Range. He appeared in an episode of the E! True Hollywood Story series, covering his time spent on The Mickey Mouse Club in 2007.[21] He has performed numerous times on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly as a part of the show's band.[9]

Personal life[edit]

Lucca dated fellow Mouseketeer (and eventual Malibu Shores co-star) Keri Russell on-and-off for eight years[22][23]

On July 7, 2007 Lucca married single mom Rachel, adopting her son Liam. They live in Nashville, Tennessee, and have a daughter, Sparrow Jane Lucca (born October 17, 2009).


Studio albums[edit]

  • 1997: So Satisfied

Track list:

  1. "Thousand Daydreams"
  2. "Satisfied"
  3. "Too Late"
  4. "Seen Some Better Days"
  5. "Shame"
  6. "After All"
  7. "Hold You Tonight"
  8. "All Aboard"
  9. "So Tired"
  10. "Understand"
  11. "Melancholy Collar"
  12. "It's You"

Track list:

  1. "Honestly For You"
  2. "Melancholy Collar"
  3. "Too Late"
  4. "It's You"
  5. "Hold You Tonight"
  6. "Dublin Blue"
  7. "After All"
  8. "Make It Alright"
  9. "Crown Love King"
  10. "Kind"
  11. "The Only One"
  12. "Honestly For You" (reprise)

Track list:

  1. "Shotgun (Can't You See)"
  2. "Catch Me"
  3. "Someone to Love You"
  4. "Bad Guy"
  5. "Maiden"
  6. "She's True"
  7. "Roller Coaster"
  8. "Happily Ever After"
  9. "Lost Angeleno"
  10. "By a Thread"
  11. "Attach the Hitch"
  12. "Broken Wagon"
  13. "Welcome to the Bay"
  14. "Put Your Seat Back"

Track list:

  1. "Death of Me"
  2. "Darlin' I"
  3. "Longing"
  4. "Sarah Jane"
  5. "The Hustler, the Widow and the Boy from Detroit"
  6. "Songbird"
  7. "So Long"
  8. "Julia"
  9. "Feels Like Love"
  10. "Around the Bend"

Track list:

  1. "Foxy Jane"
  2. "Time and Time Again"
  3. "Close Enough"
  4. "Given' It All Away"
  5. "Water Under the Bridge"
  6. "Come Around Again"
  7. "Melancholy Collar"
  8. "Father Time"
  9. "Pretty Things"
  10. "Maybe We"
  11. "Wild Country"
  • 2010: Rendezvous With the Angels

Track list:

  1. "Like Love"
  2. "Make You Mine"
  3. "Stay with Me Tonight"
  4. "Undertow"
  5. "Song to a Martyr"
  6. "Anchored"
  7. "Long Love Letter"
  8. "Back to Me"
  9. "Vienna"
  10. "Some Other Time"
  11. "Love Light"
  12. "Always"
  13. "Nobody But You"
  • 2011: TFDI – When I Stop Running (collaboration with Jay Nash and Matt Duke)

Track list:

  1. "Stranger in a Strange Place"
  2. "Hurtin' Kind"
  3. "When I Stop Running"
  4. "Hold on Tight"
  5. "Forever Everyday"
  6. "If I Was a Ghost"
  7. "Heaven with a Broken Heart"
  8. "Sweet Talking Liar"
  9. "Darlin' I"
  10. "American Girl"
  11. "Lover I Don't Have to Love"
  12. "On the Road Again"
  • 2011: Solo (2 versions: 15-track CD; 11-track digital MP3)
  • 2011: Under the Influence

Track list:

  1. "Find the Cost of Freedom"
  2. "State Trooper"
  3. "Dirty Work"
  4. "Grandma's Hands"
  5. "That's the Way"
  6. "You Got Lucky"
  7. "Baby Driver"
  8. "Waiting on a Friend"
  9. "Angel"
  10. "Dirt Floor"
  • 2015: Tony Lucca

Track list:

  1. "Old Girl"
  2. "My Confession"
  3. "Delilah"
  4. "Imagination"
  5. "Cherry"
  6. "North Star"
  7. "Never Make It Out Alive"
  8. "Sweat It Out"
  9. "Smoke 'Em"
  10. "Right on Time"
  11. "Paint a Picture"
  12. "Sparrow"

Live albums[edit]

  • 2005: Live & Limited V3 (CD-R only independent release; recorded Feb 2005 in Brooklyn, NY; limited to 300 copies, signed & numbered)
  • 2006: Live in Hollywood (digital only independent release)
  • 2011: Live at Jammin' Java


  • 2001: So Far

Track List:

  1. "Honestly for You"
  2. "A Thousand Daydreams"
  3. "Too Late"
  4. "Satisfied"
  5. "So Tired"
  6. "Crown Love King"
  7. "Kind"
  8. "Hold You Tonight"
  9. "Understand"
  10. "Seen Some Better Days"
  11. "Melancholy Collar"
  12. "After All"
  13. "Make It Alright"
  14. "It's You"
  15. "Crazy"
  • 2002: Simply Six

Track list:

  1. "Shotgun"
  2. "Immaculate Dawn"
  3. "Happily Ever After"
  4. "Bottle of Rain"
  5. "She's True"
  6. "Hollywood Chain Gang"
  • 2005: Songs from the DVD "Anatomy of a Blackbird" (digital only release)
  • 2006: Through The Cracks
  • 2008: Close Enough
  • 2009: TFDI (collaboration with Jay Nash and Matt Duke)
  • 2011: TFDI II (collaboration with Jay Nash and Matt Duke)
  • 2013: With The Whole World Watching

Track List:

  1. "Never Gonna Let You Go"
  2. "Reckless Love"
  3. "Wasted"
  4. "Burn It Down"
  5. "Never in a Million"
  6. "Hear Ya Say"
  • 2014: Drawing Board

Track list:

  1. "All My Friends"
  2. "Nashville"
  3. "Los Angeles (in the Rear View)"
  4. "Drawing Board"
  5. "My Love"
  • 2015: Made to Shine: The Kickstarter Sessions

Track list:

  1. "Angel of Mercy"
  2. "Wife of a Sailor"
  3. "Nobody's Perfect"
  4. "Love You a Ton"
  5. "Mother's Lovin' Heart"
  6. "Shine"
  7. "Quite Like You"
  8. "Brighter Day"
  9. "Colorado"
  • 2017: TFDI – Beggars & Ballers (collaboration with Jay Nash and Matt Duke)

Track list:

  1. "Anymore"
  2. "Surrender"
  3. "Moving On"
  4. "Make Sense of It All"
  5. "Maybe I Should Go"
  6. "My Back Pages"


Year Single Peak positions Album
2012 "Trouble" Non-album releases by The Voice
"Beautiful Day"
"In Your Eyes"
"...Baby One More Time" 117
"How You Like Me Now?"
"99 Problems" 58
(with coach, Adam Levine)
2013 "Never Gonna Let You Go" With The Whole World Watching

Selected filmography[edit]


  • 2005: Anatomy of a Blackbird (Recorded live at Mama Juana's in Los Angeles, CA.)
  • 2009: A Night at The Mint (Recorded live at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA.)

Song list:

  1. "Melancholy Collar"
  2. "Time and Time Again"
  3. "Close Enough"
  4. "Givin It All Away"
  5. "Water Under the Bridge"
  6. "It's You"
  7. "So Long"
  8. "Death of Me"
  9. "Pretty Things"
  10. "Foxy Jane"


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