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Anthony Samuel Magistrale is a professor in English at the University of Vermont since 1983.[1] He received a B.A. in 1974 from Allegheny College, and from the University of Pittsburgh an M.A. in 1976 and a PhD in 1981.[2] He has written several books about Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe.[3]

In 2000 King employed Magistrale as a research assistant.[4]

King sets many of his stories in the fictional town of Derry, Maine.[5] Many writers report that King told Magistrale that Derry is based heavily on Bangor, Maine, his home town.

He is also a poet. In 2011, he received Literary Laundry's Award of Distinction for his poem "Dora Maar".[6]

As an expert on King's work he has been called upon to provide commentary tracks when movies based on King's work are released on video.[7] He contributed audio commentary when Maximum Overdrive was released on BluRay in 2018.


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