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Tony Noe[1] (pronounced No-ee) is a singer-songwriter, musician-composer and producer-arranger. His music has been compared to various major label Classic rock artists, largely influenced by the strong lyrics, melodies and styles of their craft. Supported by eclectic sounds ranging from rock, Roots, Americana, Country, orchestral, etc., his recordings[2] have received worldwide radio play, at times broadcast side by side with those very artists. His songs [3] have also appeared in programming on MTV, The History Channel, Ovation TV, Animal Planet, Oxygen Channel, Style Network, HGTV, PGA Tour Entertainment and a promotional video for The September Concert. Though live performance has more often taken place in solo/acoustic settings, full band shows were not uncommon. Currently his musical direction is confined to the studio recordings of multi-genre, instrumental, orchestral rock type compositions, as well as additional singer-songwriter material.

Additional credits[4] include projects by Albert Collins,[5] Tom Jones (singer),[6][7] The Knack,[8] Jellyfish (band),[9] Maxi Priest, Vinnie Zummo, 46bliss[10] and MD Ransom, as well as live performance with the Absolute Ensemble. There is also a brief appearance in the Buddy Giovinazzo film Combat Shock.[11][12]

Noe has a B.A. degree in music[where?] and periodically creates visual art[when?]. Along with friend and artist Paul Rebhan, he also co-founded the original Quiet Party, an international nightclub event where people socialized by writing notes instead of talking. At the time it received critical acclaim and was featured in news programs and articles[13] both domestically and around the globe. It also inspired others to create similar, quiet nightclub events which still exist today.


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