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Antony David Saint (born 1968, west Northumberland, England) is an English writer.

Early life[edit]

He had contact with the theatre through the People's Theatre in Heaton. Whilst at university he was guitarist in a rock band The Little Caesars.[citation needed] In 1993, he joined the UK Immigration Service where he worked for ten years. He later wrote a book, Refusal Shoes, based on this experience.


His credits include 2009's Micro Men (about the men and development stories behind the BBC and Sinclair home computers), the 2008 The Long Walk to Finchley (on the early career of Margaret Thatcher) and the forthcoming A Free Country (a drama series based around Berwick-upon-Tweed declaring independence from both England and Scotland), both for the BBC, and one episode of The Whistleblowers in 2007 for ITV. He also wrote the 2006 TV play Service. In 2012 he wrote The Interceptor, which was broadcast on BBC One.

Personal life[edit]

He was married in April 1998 in Northumberland.


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