Tony Tammaro

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Tony Tammaro
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Background information
Birth name Vincenzo Sarnelli
Origin Naples, Italy
Genres Neapolitan song, parody
Years active 1989–present
Website Official website

Tony Tammaro, with the stage name of Vincenzo Sarnelli (born January 7, 1961 in Naples), is an Italian parody singer/songwriter. The main theme of Tammaro's lyrics are "tamarri", a term taken from Neapolitan dialect, which indicates someone who is vulgar, miseducated, and often boasting a flourishing behaviour. The term could also be translated as "rednecks", to indicate its derogatory nature; however, it presents no connections with the original term in regards of its rural background. In his songs, Tammaro uses irony to describe the "tamarri", from which his own stage name is derived.


Tammaro started his career in 1989, releasing Prima cassetta di musica tamarra (Italian: First tape of "tamarra" music).

In 1993 Tony Tammaro was the winner of the 4th edition of Festival di Sanscemo with the song "E v'a facite appere".[1]

In 1997 Tammaro returned to the studio to record the album Monnezzarium and released "'O trerrote" as the first single. Tammaro released his greatest hits album Tutto Tony Tammaro in 1999. It is a double album and each of two CDs is made up of twentyfour songs.

Tony Tammaro and his band released The Dark Side of the Moonnezz in June 2005. "Moonnezz" is a phonetic pun since it sounds like "munnezz", the Neapolitan word for garbage.


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