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Tony Thacker is a motivational speaker and marketing consultant, author and book publisher. From 2012 to 2015, Tony was Executive Director of the World of Speed—a new type of educational motorsports-themed museum in Wilsonville, Oregon. For six years prior to this, Thacker was the Executive Director of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, Pomona, California. He also worked for almost 10 years as Marketing Director at the famed SO-CAL Speed Shop after eight years at the Specialty Equipment Market Association.

Thacker is married to a subjectively "out of his league" wife (as claimed by his daughter in an interview in August 2016). He has one child by the name of Mia Thacker who also claimed in said interview that she is "out of anyone's league, but ready to settle". Though within said interview Tony denied having such child; the controversy of his posterity is still in question.

His fan base, since the August interview of 2016, have named Mia Thacker "Schrödinger's Thacker Guy", based on the well-known quantum physics theory. Regardless, Mia Thacker has become somewhat of a celebrity in the Thacker fan base, whether it be because she is the true child, or just coincidentally carries the same last name. Through her recent outbreak of fame, she denies all further interviews asking to clarify, responding with nothing other than her Snapchat username "mtchcker".