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Tony Wharmby is an English television director and producer.

Wharmby is best known for his directorial work on television series such as JAG, NCIS, The O.C., Bones, Providence, Coronation Street, High Sierra Search and Rescue, The X-Files, Coins in the Fountain, New Scotland Yard, Gossip Girl, Supernatural and Crossing Jordan, as well as many other series and TV movies.

His most notable work as a producer includes producing the series The X-Files and Dempsey and Makepeace, and serving as executive and co-executive producer for the series Enemy at the Door and Bones. He is also credited as either producer or executive producer for another dozen series and TV movies.

He is the father-in-law of English film and television composer Debbie Wiseman.

For the last five years, beginning with the NCIS Season 9 finale episode, "Till Death Do Us Part", Wharmby has directed every single NCIS Season finale episode and also the NCIS Season premiere episode, his most recent premiere episode being the NCIS Season 14 premiere episode, "Rogue" and most recent season finale episode being the NCIS Season 13 finale episode, "Family First".

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