Too Much Trouble

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Too Much Trouble
Also known as TMT
Origin Houston, Texas, U.S.
Years active 1992–1997
Labels Rap-A-Lot Records
Associated acts
Past members Bad News Black
Drunk D a.k.a. Nickel Nut
Ghetto MC (deceased)

Too Much Trouble (often abbreviated to "TMT") is an American gangsta rap group from Houston, Texas. The group produced three albums before disbanding in 1997.

General Information[edit]

The group was made up of member, Drunk D, Ghetto MC, Bar-None, and DJ Bad News Black. Claiming the moniker the Baby Geto Boys after its extremely successful labelmates, TMT also featured a dwarf, Bar-None, as its answer to Bushwick Bill—the difference being that Bar-None was Caucasian and slightly shorter.


After the commercial success of the Rap-A-Lot Records' group, the Geto Boys, many other Houston-based hip-hop artists quickly emerged from the local underground scene. And, many - including TMT - were also signed to Rap-A-Lot. This movement formed a small alliegence among the label's artists which came to be known as The Fifth Ward Circle.

TMT's debut album, Bringin' Hell On Earth, was the group's most successful release. Although the content of the album was viewed by some as powerful, other listeners found the material to be at best clichéd and redundant, and at worst utterly nihilistic and extremely disturbing. It is difficult to determine whether the album was intended to be self-parody or mindless exploitation of what was then a hugely profitable subgenre of rap music. Still, Bringin' Hell On Earth is now a rare and collectible release from Rap-A-Lot Records' early history, probably best remembered for the misogynistic and extremely violent track, "Take The Pussy", which extolls the virtues of rape and glorifies the sexual abuse of women.

Things went sour for the group after 1992. Many believe after losing some members those who remained became unfocused, uninspired, and complacent. Their later albums are widely regarded as both critical and commercial failures.

Current Information[edit]

Ghetto MC died on June 14, 2013 in Houston, Texas of kidney failure.


  • Drunk D
  • Bar-None (John Vanbibber)
  • DJ Bad News Black (Tracy Howze)
  • Ghetto MC



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