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Tooheys Old beer
Tooheys Old logo
Alcohol by volume4.4%
StyleDark top fermented ale[1]

Tooheys Old is a dark ale type of beer produced in Australia by Tooheys. It has been brewed since 1869 and Tooheys began bottling it in 1970.[2] It has 4.41% alcohol per volume while only containing 132 calories.[3] It is on tap in many bars in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Queensland. It is made with top fermentation ale yeast, lightly hopped with black malt giving it a very dark, almost blackish, colour.[4]

The beer was formerly known as Tooheys Hunter Old Ale.[5]

It is one of the only two Australian mass-produced beers to earn a mention in The Great Beer Guide[6] (ISBN 0-7894-5156-5) along with Dogbolter.

Tooheys Old

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