Tool for Ontology Development and Editing (TODE)

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Tool for Ontology Development and Editing (TODE) is the first Development tool designed using Dot Net environment.[1] Despite the availability of the large number of tools for ontology development, no other Dot Net based ontology editor was available. Unlike, the open source community who has been very active in development of ontology editors and reasoners, there is lack of any effort in the Dot Net environment. Hence, TODE was proposed. It has the following salient features:

  • Easy to use, AJAX based web environment
  • W3C compliant web interface
  • Support for OWL-Lite
  • Reasoning and Inferencing
  • Visualization
  • Import and Exports in well known ontology languages (OWL, N-Triples) [2]

Ontology editors[edit]

Semantic Web is an initiative towards enabling the contents over the web to be savvied by machines. To meet the objectives, software ontology is used. An ontology comprises concepts, attributes, relationships and axioms and it provide the meaning to the contents. Ontology editors provide an easy to use interface to encode ontology. A list of ontology editors can be seen at. An ontology editor provides following main features:

  • A graphical interface to design the ontology
  • Imports and Exports of the ontology in various well-known ontology languages
  • Integration with ontology reasoners and inference engines
  • An interface to visualize the ontology from different dimensions
  • Support for methodology for ontology development

Technical details[edit]

Following are some of the technologies used for TODE development:

  • Dot Net 3.5
  • Telerik Test Studio .NET UI Controls
  • JENA Semantic Web Toolkit
  • IKVM utility to convert JENA code to C#

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