Toolebuc Formation

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Toolebuc Formation
Stratigraphic range: Albian[1]
Type Geological formation
Region  Australia

The Toolebuc Formation is a geological formation that extends from Queensland across South Australia and the Northern Territory, Australia whose strata date back to the Early Cretaceous. Dinosaur remains are among the fossils that have been recovered from the formation.[1]

Vertebrate paleofauna[edit]

Possible indeterminate Ankylosaurid remains present in Queensland, Australia.[1] Indeterminate Ornithopod remains have also been found in Queensland, Australia.[1]

Dinosaurs (including birds) of the Toolebuc Formation
Genus Species Presence Notes Images


Minmi sp.[1]

Geographically present in Queensland, Australia.[1]


Muttaburrasaurus sp.[1]

Geographically present in Queensland, Australia.[1]


N. eos[1]

Geographically present in Queensland, Australia.[1]

"Tibiotarsi and vertebra."[2]

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Coordinates: 20°26′03″S 141°56′58″E / 20.43417°S 141.94944°E / -20.43417; 141.94944