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Toonami: Deep Space Bass
Studio album by Joe Boyd Vigil and Toonami
Released May 15, 2001 (2001-05-15)
Recorded 1999–2001
Length 55:12
Label Rhino
Producer Jason DeMarco
Joe Boyd Vigil album chronology
Toonami: Deep Space Bass
Deeper Space
Toonami chronology
Deep Space Bass
Black Hole Megamix
Supernova Megamix
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars[1]

Toonami: Deep Space Bass is the official soundtrack album to Cartoon Network's action TV block Toonami, released on May 15, 2001. It contains music from various shows' intros, outros, and promo spots, along with other Toonami music, including selections from Toonami's Midnight Run and The Intruder specials. All of the tracks were recorded by Joe Boyd Vigil, who composed Toonami's score from 1999 through 2002. The album has since been long out of print.

Deep Space Bass Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Joe Boyd Vigil.

No. Title Length
1. "Ignition" 2:55
2. "Gundams Are On Earth" (Played before Gundam Wing (Contains a sample from "Eternity & Infinity In This Hands" by Kow Otani.) 2:44
3. "Anvil Snare Remix" (Played before Sailor Moon) 2:39
4. "Dragon" (Played before Dragonball Z) 2:19
5. "Information Leak" (Played before Gundam Wing) 2:39
6. "Arabic" (Played before Dragonball Z) 2:38
7. "D&B Remix" (Played before The Midnight Run and Voltron) 3:00
8. "Depthcharge" (Played before Blue Submarine No. 6) 5:33
9. "Tension" (Played before Tenchi Muyo) 3:26
10. "Prayer" 3:37
11. "Crashgroove" 2:48
12. "Puff&Bass" (Played before Powerpuff Girls) 2:40
13. "Darknight" (Mislabeled, actually the track Hyperspace.[2] Used as intro for Toonami movie presentations.) 2:33
14. "Starwind" (Played before Outlaw Star) 3:00
15. "Capslock" (Played before Ronin Warriors) 2:32
16. "Broken Promise" 3:40
17. "Walking Stick" 2:47
18. "Spacetime" 3:52

Toonami: Black Hole Megamix[edit]

There were plans for a follow-up album to be released, but due to Deep Space Bass's low sales, along with several other factors, the album was never officially released. However, the 21-track, 58-minute CD was officially leaked to, and released on The Toonami Digital Arsenal for free download.[3]

The Black Hole Megamix was mixed by Toonami producer and co-creator Jason DeMarco (who also produced the Deep Space Bass album), under the mantle of DJ Clarknova. It focused on a wide-array of Toonami beats (both old and new, at the time of its release), and featured sound bytes from both Toonami and Adult Swim programs.

Toonami: Supernova Megamix[edit]

In December 2012, the official Toonami tumblr celebrated the inclusion of Twitter to Nielsen ratings by posing a challenge: if fans could get the tumblr page to 3500 followers and make every program shown on Toonami's December 22 broadcast trend nationally on Twitter, an official sequel to Black Hole Megamix would be released on Christmas Day. Despite the page not reaching 3500 followers, the Toonami page released the Supernova Megamix on December 24.[4]

The official release message from Toonami on Mon December 24, 2012 at 8:05pm:


Thank you to all out Toonami faithful. You brought us back and supported us through thick and thin, put up with Jason’s crabbiness and even watched Tenchi GXP for us :)! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. As a present to you for all of your hard work, we in turn worked hard on this sequel to our Toonami Black Hole Megamix, the Toonami Supernova Megamix by Skull Island! Do us a favor and give some props to Brent Busby, he did pretty much all of the work on this one with some track selection and direction from DJ Clarknova. Also- congrats to the winner of our cover contest, please identify yourself so we can give you credit! And thanks to EVERYONE who made a cover, as you guys can see we got some amazing submissions!

Well, that’s about it! Please click the picture which should take you to sendspace to download the free mix! Feel free to re-host on your own sites/blogs and share with friends!

We hope you enjoy this mix, and we hope you have an AMAZING holiday!

Love, the Toonami crew.

The Supernova Megamix was mixed by Skull Island, composed of Jason DeMarco and musician Brent Busby. Among other tracks, the album included voice acting outtakes from Peter Cullen and Steve Blum, as well as a remixed version of Com Truise's Brokendate (included in the first Toonami promo after its revival, To Hell With Fear).

IGPX: The Ichi Megamix[edit]

On December 12, 2013, on the official Tumblr page, Toonami announced the production of a mixtape of songs from IGPX mixed by Skull Island named after Team Satomi's mechanic, Ichi. During the time, there was a contest to decide the cover art for the megamix submitted by fans through the official tumblr and Jason DeMarco's twitter, @clarknova1. The winner of the contest would receive a free Toonami T-shirt that was also being given out during the December 2013 T-shirt Sweepstakes.[5] The winning cover was chosen on the 23rd and was designed by Todd Jensen[6] with an alternate cover also chosen as a "back cover" [7] that was created by Cody Silfies.[8] The album was released on December 25.

The official message from the Toonami staff on Christmas Day:[9]

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Toonami Faithful! Click this picture to download a FREE full length megamix from Skull Island, “IGPX: THE ICHI MEGAMIX.” Brent worked very hard on this one, we hope you enjoy it! Also- Special thanks to Todd Jensen, the young man who made the cover.


Love, the Toonami crew.

In 2014, there was no megamix or mixtape released by Toonami at all due to a lack of organization.[10]

Intruder 2 Soundtrack[edit]

On December 20, 2015, Toonami released a soundtrack containing musical pieces from the "Intruder 2" Total Immersion Event.[11]

Attics and Inventory Pt. 2[edit]

On December 31, 2015, Toonami released a mixtape titled Attics and Inventory Pt. 2 by artist Chris Devoe. It was announced via the official Toonami Tumblr page[12] and released at

Intruder 3 Soundtrack[edit]

On November 28, 2016, Toonami released a soundtrack containing musical pieces from the "Intruder 3" Total Immersion Event.[13]


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