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Toontown is the anthropomorphic city where animated cartoon characters, known as Toons, reside.


In the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the whole city of Toontown is cartoonish, except for anything foreign to the city, such as people and objects from outside of Toontown. Not only does the city appear animated, but the environment has a colorful and almost dreamlike Max Fleischer/Dr. Seuss-like atmosphere. Toontown's buildings, cars, plants, and other objects are also animated with their own personalities, speech, movement and other anthropomorphic traits. Foreign object from the non-toon world like humans are not entirely bound to the laws of physics in Toontown, they might fall from a great height in cartoon fashion and if given the right conditions, survive. However, humans can still be killed in Toontown and should take precaution as certain antics that may seem harmless or comical to a toon could be lethal to a human.

In the series Raw Toonage, Bonkers and House of Mouse, the series characters live in the same town from the film.

Other uses[edit]

Video games and theme parks[edit]

Toontown has been reproduced in the Disney theme parks as Mickey's Toontown.

Commercial bumpers featuring a Toontown-based appearance were used on Toon Disney from its start on April 18, 1998 through September 1, 2002.

Disney's popular game Toontown Online took place in a cartoon world populated by Mickey Mouse and his friends.[1] The game, introduced in 2003 and closed later on September 19th, 2013, was said to bring the Roger Rabbit franchise to many new users,[2] though it did not include characters introduced in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as Who Censored Roger Rabbit? author Gary K. Wolf and Disney were engaged in a lawsuit over royalty payments at the time.[3]

In the video game Epic Mickey, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit lives in a twisted version of the theme parks' Toontown called "Ostown".

In the Kingdom Hearts video game series, Toontown appears a world called "Disney Town" (who is based on Toontown) where it was ruled by King Mickey Mouse. There is a past incarnation of Disney Town called the Timeless River where the past Mickey Mouse and the past Pete reside.

At numerous Six Flags parks including Six Flags America and Six Flags New England, there are sections themed to Toontown, focusing specifically on the Looney Tunes characters. "Looney Tunes Movie Town" is the Hollywood-esque area of Toontown where the characters film their cartoons and "Looney Tunes Seaport" is a nautical neighborhood where the toons go to relax.

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