Tooruktug Dolgay Tangdym

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Тооруктуг долгай таңдым
English: The Forest Is Full of Pine Nuts
Tooruktuƣ dolgaј taᶇdьm

National and Regional anthem of Tuvan People's Republic, Tuvan Autonomous Oblast, Tuvan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and Tuva Republic
Music folk song
Adopted 1921
Relinquished 11 August 2011
Audio sample
Tooruktug dolgay tañdım

Tooruktug Dolgai Tangdym (Tuvan: Тооруктуг долгай таңдым Tuvan pronunciation: [tʰoːɾukˈtʰuɣ tolgaj tʰaŋˈtɯm], "The Forest is Full of Pine Nuts"; Russian: Лес, полный кедровых орехов, Les, polný kedrovych orechov;[citation needed] also translated as "The Forest is Full of Cedar Nuts" or "The Taiga is Full of Cedar Nuts") is an old Tuvan folk song that became the national anthem of the TAR and later official regional anthem of Republic of Tuva, Russia.[1] On August 11, 2011, it was replaced by a new anthem titled "Men – Tyva Men".

The song expresses the Tuvan belief that a person who takes care of his environment, his livestock, and the plentiful taiga will want for nothing. It refers to Tangdy, or the Tannu-Ola mountains, a mountain range in southern Tuva that is revered by the Tuvan people. The name of the mountain range is incorporated into "Tannu-Tuva," the popular name for the Tuvan People's Republic.[2]


In Tuvan[edit]

Tuvan (Cyrillic) Tuvan Latin script (historical) IPA transcription
First verse

Тооруктуг долгай таңдым
Долганзымза тодар-ла мен
Тос-ла чүзүн малымайны
Доруктурза байыыр-ла мен.

Tooruktuƣ dolgaј taᶇdьm
Dolganzьmza todar-la men
Tos-la cyzyn malьmajnь
Dorukturza ʙajььr-la men.

tʰoːɾuktʰuɣ tolgaj tʰaŋtɯm
tolganzɯmza tʰotaɾla men
tʰosla t͡ʃyzyn malɯmajnɯ
toɾuktʰuɾza pajɯːɾla men

Second verse

Эзириктиг ээр-ле таңдым
Эргилзимзе тодар-ла мен
Эрээн-шокар малымайны
Азыраза байыыр-ла мен.

Eziriktiƣ eer-le taᶇdьm
Ergilzimze todar-la men
Ereen-şokar malьmajnь
Azьraza ʙajььr-la men.

eziɾiktiɣ eːɾle tʰaŋtɯm
eɾgilzimze tʰotaɾla men
eɾeːnʃokaɾ malɯmajnɯ
azɯɾaza pajɯːɾla men

Rough English translation[edit]

When I walk in my forest
I will always be satisfied
Because my forest is rich with
animals and everything I need.
There in the mountains, the
cliffs, the taiga, I was born.
Because of that I am strong.
I will raise my livestock
and be rich.
Nine different animals – If I herd
them and feed them
And take care of them as my
own – I'll be rich.


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