Tooth Fairy 2

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Tooth Fairy 2
Tooth Fairy 2 DVD Cover.jpeg
DVD cover
Directed by Alex Zamm
Produced by Alan C. Blomquist
J.P Williams
Written by Ben Zazove
Based on Characters
by Jim Piddock
Starring Larry the Cable Guy
David Mackey
Erin Beute
Music by Chris Hajian
Cinematography Levie Isaacks
Edited by Heath Ryan
Distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release date
  • March 6, 2012 (2012-03-06)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Tooth Fairy 2 is a 2012 Canadian-American comedy film starring Larry the Cable Guy as the main lead. It is the sequel to the 2010 film Tooth Fairy. It was released direct-to-video on DVD and Blu-ray on March 6, 2012.


When dreamer Larry Guthrie (Larry the Cable Guy) loses his first love to the town hot shot, he decides to win her back by volunteering to help the local children at her after school program. However, he accidentally tells one of the kids at the school that the tooth fairy doesn't exist and the tooth fairy is nothing but fairy tales. That night, the tooth fairy visits Larry and tells him he has to collect ten teeth to make up for the mistake he made.

Larry's pink outfits[edit]

When Larry is transformed into a tooth fairy, he is initially given a pink ballerina-like outfit. Larry later asks for a new outfit. Some of the outfits offered to Larry included a pink superhero outfit, a pink cowboy outfit, and a pink Statue of Liberty outfit. Nyx the head tooth fairy then offers him a pair of overalls, which Larry accepts. As with the other prior outfits, the overalls given to Larry were also pink, which Larry initially complains about but later becomes more fond of.



The film received mixed reviews from critics. It currently holds a 36% on Rotten Tomatoes, with no Tomatometer rating.

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