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TopSolid Logo.png
Developer(s) Missler Software
Stable release
TopSolid 7.9 / March 2015
Operating system Windows
Type CAD/CAM software


TopSolid is a fully integrated CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing) software which is developed by the France company Missler Software. Being a completely integrated CAD/CAM software allows users to design and manufacture their parts (by programming numerically controlled machines) using the same software.[1] The TopSolid range of software includes a whole family of industry solutions: from the more general, mechanical oriented (TopSolid’Design) to job specific solutions: sheet metal (TopSolid’SheetMetal), wood (TopSolid’Wood), toolmaking: TopSolid’Mold for mold makers and TopSolid’Progress for press tool designers.

TopSolid also incorporates an integrated Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) line of products: mechanical machining (TopSolid’Cam), sheet metal (TopSolid’Sheetmetal), wood (TopSolid’WoodCam), wire electroerosion (TopSolid’Wire). TopSolid also incorporates a 2D draft module (TopSolid’Draft) and a structural computation module (TopSolid’Fea).

TopSolid is a CAD/CAM solution based on the geometric modeler ParaSolid. It is claimed to be capable of reading and creating files in all available formats as well as in such formats as Catia and ParaSolid.

TopSolid'Cam, one of the main products of the TopSolid portfolio, manages multi axis machining such as 5 axis machining, mill turn operations, twin Spindle and twin turret technology.

TopSolid 7, the next generation of CAD/CAM software from Missler Software, is claimed to offer huge innovations on the CAD/CAM market by simplifying the design and modification of large assemblies in an organized and structured environment. The end user allegedly benefits from productivity gains estimated at being 30% superior to traditional solutions.[citation needed]

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