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Top Chef: All-Stars
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 17
Original channel Bravo
Original release

December 1, 2010 (2010-12-01) – April 6, 2011 (2011-04-06)

Additional information
Filming dates September 2010 (2010-09)
No. of contestants 18
Winner Richard Blais
Season chronology
← Previous
Season 7

Top Chef: All-Stars is the eighth season of American reality television series Top Chef and was filmed first in New York City, New York and concluded in The Bahamas. This season consists of chefs from the previous 7 seasons who did not win the Title of Top Chef. The season premiered on December 1, 2010.[1] On September 22, 2010, the cast was announced during Season 7's reunion special. The prize money awarded to the Top Chef was $200,000.


Bourdain is new to the show as a judge in Season 8. Colicchio, Lakshmi and Simmons returned from Season 7.[2]


There are 18 past Top Chef contestants competing in Season 8. Names below are from the Bravo website, followed by original season (placement).[3] In the order eliminated:

Contestant Progress[edit]

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 125 13 14 15 16
Dale T.
Tiffani Richard
Tre Mike None1 Dale T. Richard Dale T. Dale T. Mike4 Carla Mike
Mike None
Tiffani IN IN (-) LOW IN (-) IN OUT
Casey IN IN (-) IN LOW OUT
Spike HIGH IN (+) IN OUT
Dale L. IN IN (-) OUT
Jennifer IN OUT
Elia OUT

^Note 1 : There was no Quickfire Challenge in this episode.
^Note 2 : Richard was cited by the judges as cooking one of the best dishes, but was deemed ineligible for the win because he exceeded the two-hour time limit.
^Note 3 : Antonia was cited by the judges as cooking one of the best dishes, but was called as part of the "low" group due to the overall performance of her team.
^Note 4 : Antonia was cited by the guest judge as cooking the best dish, but was deemed ineligible for the win because she did not plate two portions.
^Note 5 : The judges could not decide on a losing dish, so all five chefs advanced to the finals.
^Note 6 : Stephanie Izard and Hosea Rosenberg, who were among the previous champions that returned to compete in the Quickfire, were also among the winners of this challenge.

     (WINNER) The chef won the season and was crowned Top Chef.
     (RUNNER-UP) The chef was a runner-up for the season.
     (WIN) The chef won that episode's Elimination Challenge.
     (HIGH) The chef was selected as one of the top entries in the Elimination Challenge, but did not win.
     (LOW) The chef was selected as one of the bottom entries in the Elimination Challenge, but was not eliminated.
     (OUT) The chef lost that week's Elimination Challenge and is out of the competition.
     (IN) The chef neither won nor lost that week's Elimination Challenge. They also were not up to be eliminated.
     [IN (+)] The chef won a pair or team challenge but was not chosen as one of the judges' favorites.
     [IN (-)] The chef lost a pair or team challenge but was not selected as one of the judges' least favorites.


Each episode includes two challenges. The Quickfire Challenge is a short, simple challenge with a varying reward each week; in the initial episodes of the season, it usually guarantees the winner immunity from being sent home that week; however, in the latter stages, the Quickfire winner is given an advantage in the upcoming Elimination Challenge. It also has been made clear that Quickfire winners this season may receive other rewards, including cash prizes. The Elimination Challenge is a more complex challenge that determines who goes home. One or more judges join the show each week to evaluate both the Quickfire and Elimination challenges. Each week's elimination is announced in a segment called "Judges' Table."

Episode 1: History Never Repeats[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: Chefs from each season are teamed up to create a dish that represents the city where their season took place. The winning team receives immunity from elimination.
    • Top: Team Season 3 Miami (Tre, Dale L., and Casey), Team Season 6 Las Vegas (Mike and Jennifer), Team Season 4 Chicago (Antonia, Spike, Dale T., and Richard)
    • Bottom: Team Season 2 Los Angeles (Elia and Marcel), Team Season 1 San Francisco (Tiffani F. and Stephen), Team Season 5 New York (Carla, Jamie, and Fabio), Team Season 7 Washington D.C. (Angelo and Tiffany D.)
    • WINNER: Team Season 4 Chicago (Pork and Black Pepper Sausage with Mustard Ice Cream)
  • Elimination Challenge: Each chef is confronted with the ingredients from the dish that sent them home in their season. The chefs must recreate their dishes, this time successfully. The winner receives $10,000.
    • WINNER: Angelo (Homemade Ramen with Sweet Glazed Pork Belly and Watermelon)
    • ELIMINATED: Elia (Red Snapper Steamed in Ti Leaf with Snapper Jus)
  • Original Airdate: December 1, 2010

Episode 2: Night at the Museum[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs must create a midnight snack for children spending the night at the American Museum of Natural History. However, the snack must be eaten without using utensils and the snack must be served inside of a brown paper bag. Because guest judge Joe Jonas could not decide on a Quickfire winner, the top two chefs, Spike and Tiffani, must each create their midnight snacks for 150 children at the museum, and the children will decide who the winner of the Quickfire Challenge is. The chefs are split into teams to help create the dishes, and these teams will continue to compete during the Elimination Challenge.
    • Top: Spike, Tiffani
    • Bottom: Mike, Stephen, Tiffany
      • WINNER: Tiffani (Rice Crispy Treat Snowball with Malted Milk and Graham Crackers)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs must create a breakfast for the children and their parents that is limited to a specific dinosaur's diet: either that of the Tyrannosaurus Rex (meat, eggs, and dairy) or of the Brontosaurus (fruits, vegetables, and grains). Tiffani's team (Antonia, Casey, Dale L., Jamie, Jennifer, Tiffani, Tiffany, and Tre) becomes Team T-Rex, while Spike's team (Angelo, Carla, Dale T., Fabio, Marcel, Mike, Richard, Spike, and Stephen) becomes Team Brontosaurus.
  • WINNERS: Angelo, Marcel, and Richard of Team Brontosaurus (Banana Parfait with Seasonal Fruit and Tandoori Maple)
  • ELIMINATED: Jennifer of Team T-Rex (Braised Bacon and Hard Boiled Eggs)
  • Guest Judges: Joe Jonas (Quickfire Challenge), Katie Lee (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: December 8, 2010

Episode 3: New York's Finest[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: Teams of four compete in a race to complete three mise en place tasks: butchering lamb ribs, chopping garlic, and cleaning artichokes. The first team to finish starts a fifteen-minute timer; all teams must prepare a dish within that time limit, using all three prepared ingredients. The other teams must complete their mise en place tasks before starting to cook. The members of the winning team do not earn immunity; each member wins $5,000.
    • Top: Blue Team (Richard, Spike, Stephen, and Tre), White Team (Carla, Dale T., Marcel, and Tiffani)
    • Bottom: Red Team (Antonia, Casey, Dale L., and Jamie), Green Team (Angelo, Fabio, Mike, and Tiffany)
      • WINNER: Blue Team (Crispy Lamb Chop with Artichoke Three Ways)
  • Elimination Challenge: The Quickfire teams must now compete among themselves in a double elimination to each prepare a dish in the style of one of four notable New York City restaurants. Dishes are tasted by the celebrity chefs who run those restaurants; each chef's favorite is eligible to win, each chef's least favorite is eligible for elimination.
    • The Green Team is sent to David Chang's Má Pēche (French-Vietnamese Fusion).
      • Angelo: Turmeric Marinated Fish, Dill, Cilantro, Salmon Roe, Chorizo, and White Chocolate
      • Fabio: Roasted Lamb, Hoisin Plum BBQ Sauce, Corn Tomato Salad, Lemongrass Chèvre Ricotta
      • Mike: Warm Sockeye Salmon, Eggplant, Marinated Tomatoes, and Pickled Peach
      • Tiffany: Crudo of Summer Flounder, Pickled Radish, and Peach Purée
    • The Red Team is sent to David Burke's Townhouse (New American).
      • Antonia: "Peas and Carrots" (Pea Purée, Carrot Purée, Seared Scallop, and Pickled Carrot)
      • Casey: Coconut Halibut "Scallop", Tapioca "Caviar", and Ginger-Carrot Emulsion
      • Dale L.: Roasted Veal Loin, Peanuts, Popcorn, French Toast, Corn and Thyme Caramel
      • Jamie: Smoked Tomato and Bacon Soup with Heirloom Tomato Salad
    • The White Team is sent to Wylie Dufresne's wd~50 (molecular gastronomy).
      • Carla: Poached Shrimp, Grits, Okra Chips
      • Dale T.: Sunny Side Up Egg Dumpling, Braised Pork Belly, Milk Ramen with Bacon, Beef, and Pork
      • Marcel: Vadouvan Lamb, Tzatziki, Pickled Red Onion, and Anti Flatbread
      • Tiffani: Broken Summer Heirloom Melons with Powdered Ham and Taleggio
    • The Blue Team is sent to Michael White's Marea (Mediterranean seafood).
      • Richard: Crudo of Spanish Mackerel, Braised Veal Shank, Fennel Mostarda
      • Spike: Seared Branzino with Caponata and Spicy Prosciutto Vinaigrette
      • Stephen: Coho Salmon, Black Mission Figs, Broccoli Rapini, Fennel Pollen
      • Tre: Grilled Swordfish, Braised Artichoke, Mushroom Panna Cotta, Basil Oil
    • Top: Angelo, Antonia, Dale T. and Tre
    • Bottom: Fabio, Dale L., Tiffani and Stephen
  • WINNER: Dale T. He wins a trip to New Zealand
  • ELIMINATED: Dale L., Stephen
  • Guest Judges: David Chang (Quickfire Challenge), Kate Krader, David Burke, Wylie Dufresne, Michael White (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: December 15, 2010

Episode 4: Advantage Chef[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs must prepare a stuffing dish. All cutlery and utensils have been removed from the kitchen, so dishes have to be prepared with improvised tools.
    • Top: Marcel, Tre
    • Bottom: Carla, Casey, Tiffani
      • WINNER: Tre (Southwestern Inspired Bread Pudding with Apple Smoked Bacon, Cheddar, Bell Pepper, Chili Powder). He wins $20,000.
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs are divided into two teams to individually cook for the players in the U.S. Open. Teams must designate representatives for head-to-head matchups, which are scored like a tennis match. The first team to reach four points gets the team victory. Chefs that score a point for the winning team are eligible for the win, while chefs that lose a point for the losing team are eligible for elimination. Though all chefs prepare a dish, due to the format, some may end up not serving; these chefs are ineligible to win, but are still safe from elimination.
    • Winners' names are in italics between Team Orange versus Team Yellow.
    • Round 1: Casey vs. Fabio
    • Round 2: Tiffani vs. Dale T.
    • Round 3: Angelo vs. Marcel
    • Round 4: Tiffany vs. Antonia
    • Round 5: Spike vs. Richard
    • Round 6: Tre vs. Carla
    • Jamie and Mike did not have to plate for the judges after Team Orange earned its fourth point with Carla's dish.
  • WINNER: Carla of Team Orange (African Groundnut Soup with Baked Sweet Potatoes, Adzuki Beans and Peanuts). She wins a trip to Italy.
  • ELIMINATED: Spike of Team Yellow (Tomato Tamarind Soup, Olive Oil Poached Shrimp, Pineapple, Tomatoes and Dill)
  • Guest Judge: Tony Mantuano (Quickfire and Elimination Challenges), Taylor Dent (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: December 22, 2010

Episode 5: Dim Sum Lose Some[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: In a series first, head judge Tom Colicchio enters the competition, challenging the chefs to beat his time of 8 minutes, 37 seconds in creating a dish.
    • Top: Marcel, Mike, Richard
    • Bottom: Angelo, Dale T., Jamie
      • WINNER: Mike (Pan-Roasted Branzino with Black Olive and Caper Stew). He wins a new Toyota Prius.
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs head to Chinatown and work as a team to serve dim sum for the locals.
  • WINNER: Dale T. (Sweet Rice with Chinese Bacon Wrapped in a Banana Leaf)
  • ELIMINATED: Casey (Chinese Chicken Feet and Scallion Pancake)
  • Guest Judge: Susur Lee (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: January 5, 2011

Episode 6: We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat[edit]

  • Elimination Challenge: In a double elimination, the remaining culinary all-stars hook and cook a fish dish in Montauk and at the Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City for a summer's-end beach party.
  • Team 1: Antonia, Jamie, and Tiffani
  • Team 2: Carla, Dale T., and Tre
  • Team 3: Angelo, Mike, and Tiffany
  • Team 4: Fabio, Marcel, and Richard
  • WINNER: Carla (Smoked Blue Fish Lettuce Wrap, Pickled Watermelon Rind, Radishes, Bagel Croutons). She wins a trip to Amsterdam and $5000 for airfare.
  • ELIMINATED: Jamie (Striped Bass, Watermelon Salad with Fresh Dill, Shaved Radishes and Cucumber Water) and Tiffani (Smoked Blue Fish with Tomato, Roasted Corn and Zucchini Ribbon Salad)
  • Guest Judge: Kerry Heffernan (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: January 12, 2011

Episode 7: Restaurant Wars - One Night Only[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs go to the kitchen of noted seafood restaurant Le Bernardin for a knife skills challenge, butchering and cleaning whole fish. After being judged by Anthony Bourdain and Justo Thomas, the top four chefs must compete in a 45-minute cookoff using only the remaining pieces of the cleaned fish: eyes, organs, cheeks, collars, fins, and tails.
    • Top: Dale T., Marcel, Mike, Richard
    • Bottom: Antonia, Carla, Fabio, Tiffany
      • WINNER: Dale T. (Bacon Dashi with Salt Roasted Cod Collar; Fluke Back Fin Sashimi with Cucumber and Fluke Liver Sauce)
  • Elimination Challenge: The ten chefs are formed into two teams, led by Dale T. and his chosen opponent: Marcel. Team "Bodega" (Executive chef: Dale) and Team "Etch" (Executive chef: Marcel) must create "pop-up" restaurants for one night only, with the best restaurant selected by the diners.
Bodega: Carla, Dale T., Fabio, Richard, Tre
Etch: Angelo, Antonia, Marcel, Mike, Tiffany
  • WINNING TEAM: Bodega
  • WINNER: Richard (Raw Tuna Belly and Fried Chicken Skin with Chilies and Lime; Chicken Fried Codfish, Brussels Kraut and Ginger Beer). He wins $10,000.
  • ELIMINATED: Marcel (Roasted Monkfish with Kalamata Olives, Peperonata, and Parsley; Duo of Peaches: Unripened Peach and Sweet Peach with Coconut Foam and Powder)
  • Guest Judge: Justo Thomas (Quickfire Challenge), Ludo Lefebvre (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: January 19, 2011

Episode 8: An Offer They Can't Refuse[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The nine remaining chefs have to create a visually appealing dish that is judged solely on presentation.
    • Top: Carla, Fabio, Richard
    • Bottom: Angelo, Dale T., Tre
      • WINNER: Richard (Black Chocolate Ice Cream, Menthol Crystals, Herbal Salad and Mint Ice Cream Dots)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs cook a family style Italian meal at Rao's restaurant for the judges, as well as the restaurant's owners and staff. They are divided into three groups: antipasto (appetizer course) (Antonia, Carla, and Tiffany), primo (first, or pasta course) (Dale T., Mike, and Tre), and secondo (second, or meat course) (Angelo, Fabio, and Richard). The chefs are judged individually on their dishes.
  • WINNER: Antonia (Mussels with Fennel, White Wine, Garlic, and Parsley Ciabatta)
  • ELIMINATED: Tre (Grilled Vegetable Risotto, Marinated Tomatoes and Fresh Basil)

Episode 9: Feeding Fallon[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The eight remaining chefs have to create a fondue dish and are judged by their fellow chefs. Chefs rate their top three and bottom three opponents and cannot vote for themselves.
    • Top: Angelo, Antonia, Dale T.
    • Bottom: Fabio, Mike, Tiffany
      • WINNER: Dale T. (Pho with Beef, Bread, Charred Ginger, Lime, Sriracha, and Broth). He wins a trip to Napa Valley.
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs go to NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center where they participate in the Cell Phone Shootout on an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. In the Shootout, they select the dishes they have to prepare for the challenge and then cook one of Jimmy Fallon's favorite dishes for his birthday lunch at Tom Colicchio's restaurant, Colicchio and Sons.
  • WINNER: Carla (Chicken Pot Pie with Carrots, Celery, Pea Salt, and Herbs). She wins a cooking segment on an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and a trip to Tokyo.
  • ELIMINATED: Fabio (Hamburger, Melted Cheddar Cheese Sauce, and Fries)
  • Guest Judge: Jimmy Fallon (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: February 9, 2011

Episode 10: Lock Down[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The seven remaining chefs must bake cookies for Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Telly, from Sesame Street.
    • Top: Antonia, Dale T.
    • Bottom: Angelo, Richard
      • WINNER: Dale T. (Pretzel and Potato Chip Shortbread Cookie with Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache). He wins $5,000.
  • Elimination Challenge: The seven remaining chefs must cook a meal at a Target store using only ingredients and cooking supplies from the store.
  • WINNER: Dale T. (Ribeye Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Spicy Tomato Soup). He wins $25,000
  • ELIMINATED: Angelo (Baked Potato Soup with Bacon, Onions, Sour Cream, Potato Skins, Scallions, and Grated Cheddar Cheese)

Episode 11: For the Gulf[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs must prepare a Southern-style dish with a deep-fried element.
    • Top: Antonia, Richard, Mike
    • Bottom: Carla, Dale T.
      • WINNER: Mike (Fried Chicken Oysters with Mustard Gravy and Oyster Liquor). He wins $5,000. Paula Deen states that Antonia's dish is best, but Antonia is disqualified because she has only prepared one, rather than two plates for the judges; Mike is declared the winner.
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs must cater a charity benefit for the Greater New Orleans Foundation, an organization that provides assistance to fisheries and tourism impacted by the BP oil spill. Six previously eliminated contestants from this season are paired with a Gulf Coast seafood. The chefs must then choose a pair of an ingredient and an assistant.
  • WINNER: Richard (Crispy Gulf Snapper with Pulled Pork and Citrus Grits). He wins a trip to Barbados.
  • ELIMINATED: Dale T. (Amberjack Stew with Andouille Sausage, Potatoes and Creole Mustard Crouton)
  • Guest Judge: Paula Deen (Quickfire and Elimination Challenges), John Besh (Elimination Challenge)
  • Original Airdate: February 23, 2011

Episode 12: Give Me Your Huddled Masses[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The chefs must create a dish using ingredients found in a ferry snack bar, during a trip from Manhattan to Ellis Island.
    • Top: Carla, Richard, Antonia
    • Bottom: Mike, Tiffany
      • WINNER: Carla (Orange and Papaya Salad with Carrot and Rosemary Juice)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs must create a dish inspired by their ancestry and prepare a meal for one of their family members and the judges. Winner secures a spot in the top 4 and wins a Toyota Highlander Hybrid
  • WINNER: Antonia (Braised Veal, Rapini Leaf, and Fava Bean Risotto).
  • ELIMINATED: None (Tom Colicchio later explained in his blog that the quality of the food from the five chefs was so high and consistent that, even had they picked at small details, the judges could not have found a reason to send one of the chefs home.)[4]
  • Guest Judge: Dan Barber (Quickfire and Elimination Challenges)
  • Original Airdate: March 2, 2011

Episode 13: Fit for a King[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: The remaining chefs compete in a culinary duel against the Top Chef from their season. Each season's chefs are given a mystery ingredient selected for them by Tom Colicchio, which they must share. The chefs have 40 minutes to create a dish featuring their ingredient. Each winner (indicated in bold) wins $10,000. Stephanie, going up against two competitors from her season, is eligible to win up to $20,000.
    • Season 4: Stephanie Izard vs. Antonia and Richard (Veal)
    • Season 5: Hosea Rosenberg vs. Carla (Lamb)
    • Season 6: Michael Voltaggio vs. Mike (Duck)
    • Season 7: Kevin Sbraga vs. Tiffany (Pork)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs must create meals for the King of Junkanoo with limited cooking equipment. Further complicating the challenge is a kitchen fire that forces them to start from scratch, affording them the opportunity to rework their dishes.
  • WINNER: Mike (Sous Vide Chicken, Mushrooms, Yams, Lobster Sauce, and Lobster Hash)
  • ELIMINATED: Carla (Fried Pork Medallion with Sweet Potato Purée, Apple Sauce, and Apple Chip)
  • Guest Judge: Eric Ripert (Quickfire and Elimination Challenges)
  • Original Airdate: March 9, 2011

Episode 14: Island Fever[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: Working in teams of two the chefs must make 100 identical dishes in one hour.
    • WINNER: Red Team: Tiffany and Antonia (Beef Tenderloin Salad with Cilantro, Mint, Basil and Chimichurri Sauce). They win $5,000.
  • Elimination Challenge: On a deserted island with minimal facilities, the chefs cater a high-end lunch party for a yacht club's 80th anniversary, serving up Bahamian delicacies, including conch, which they must catch in the ocean.
    • WINNER: Mike (Banana Leaf Wrapped Grouper, Braised Pineapple, and Conch Vinaigrette)
    • ELIMINATED: Tiffany (Conch and Coconut Chowder with Sweet Potatoes and Conch Ceviche)
  • Guest Judge: Lorena Garcia
  • Original Airdate: March 16, 2011

Episode 15: The Last Supper[edit]

  • Quickfire Challenge: Each chef must complete a challenge based on a Quickfire from a previous season, that is selected by one of their competitors. Midway through the competition, an additional twist element is added to each based on a different previous Quickfire. Richard must complete a hot dog dish, using only one hand. Antonia must prepare a dish using only canned ingredients, while tied to Carla. Mike must prepare a dish using only one pot, and is not allowed to use any cutlery or utensils.
  • WINNER: Mike (Pork Shoulder with Black Beans, Chili Paste, Ginger & Cabbage Salad)
  • Elimination Challenge: For the first part of this two-part challenge, the chefs must prepare a meal, inspired by what one of the guest judges would want for their last meal. Richard must prepare a traditional Austrian meal for Wolfgang Puck, consisting of goulash, spaetzle, and apple strudel. Antonia must prepare a traditional Japanese meal for Morimoto, consisting of miso soup and a sashimi bento box. Mike must prepare a meal of fried chicken, biscuits, and gravy for Michelle Bernstein.
  • WINNER: Richard[5][6] (Beef Goulash, Spaetzel with Sour Cream and Apple Strudel with Tarragon)
Following the announcement that Richard's dish secured him the first spot in the finale, Antonia and Mike were asked to cook one last perfect bite.
  • ELIMINATED: Antonia (Seared Grouper in Coconut Lobster Broth with a Yam, Apple & Dill Pollen Relish)

Episode 16: Finale[edit]

  • Final Challenge: The remaining two chefs are asked to design their own restaurant and have to create a four course tasting menu. Each chef chose three sous chefs to work with them, choosing from the fifteen eliminated all-stars in a blind taste test of a one bite dish.


  • Richard: Antonia, Spike, and Angelo
  • Mike: Tiffani, Jamie, and Carla
  • Mike Isabella
    • First Course: Spiced Beets with Mozzarella, Chocolate, and Truffle Vinaigrette
    • Second Course: Halibut with Kumquats Marmalade, Cauliflower Puree, and Pancetta Crumbs
    • Third Course: Braised Pork Shoulder with Pepperoni Sauce, Roasted Cabbage, and Turnips
    • Dessert: Rosemary Caramel Custard with Pine Nuts, Citrus, Cherry and Apple
  • Richard Blais
    • Amuse-Bouche: Raw Oysters with Crème Fraiche Pearls & Salsa Verde
    • First Course: Raw Hamachi with Fried Veal Sweetbreads, Garlic Mayonnaise & Pickled Celery
    • Second Course: Pork Belly, Black Cod Cutlet, Bone Marrow, Beets, Brussels Sprouts & Kumquat
    • Third Course: Beef Short Rib with Mushrooms, Red Cabbage Marmalade & Celery Root Horseradish Puree
    • Dessert: Cornbread with Foie Gras Ice Cream and Whipped Mango
  • TOP CHEF: Richard
  • RUNNER-UP: Mike
  • Guest Judge: Hubert Keller
  • Original Airdate: March 30, 2011

Episode 17: Reunion[edit]

  • Cast and judges reunion
    • FAN FAVORITE: Carla
  • Original Airdate: April 6, 2011


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