Top Guns

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Top Guns
Genre Reality television
Starring Colby Donaldson
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10
Executive producer(s) Craig Piligian
Editor(s) John Wolfenden, Andrew Pierce
Running time 43 minutes
Original network H2
Original release February 15 (2012-02-15) – April 18, 2012 (2012-04-18)
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Top Guns was a reality TV show hosted by Colby Donaldson, the host of Top Shot on the History Channel. As a spin-off of Top Shot, Top Guns focused on the weapons used and mastered by various marksmen and sharpshooters. Throughout the show, historical information about each weapon was presented.

Each week, Colby was joined by an expert and a marksman to review three iconic weapons and put them through their paces. After the introduction, each weapon was given a going over by the expert and the marksman and assigned a grade. After each weapon was graded, Colby took his turn with each and each shooter chose one weapon to use in the competition.[1]


Season 1[edit]

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No. Air date Title Expert Marksman Weapons/Competition
1 (1) February 15, 2012 Rifle Rundown[2] Garry James Mike Seeklander M1 Carbine, M14 and Mosin–Nagant. Competition: M1 @ 50 yards. Mosin–Nagant and M14 @ 100 yards. 5 rounds for highest points. Colby (Mosin–Nagant), Garry (M1 Carbine), Mike (M14). Winner: Mike.
2 (2) February 22, 2012 Survival of the Fastest[3] Craig "Sawman" Sawyer Jamie Franks M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, Steyr AUG and FN PS90. Competition: PS90 @ 36 yards. BAR @ 75 yards. Steyr @ 100 yards. 10 rounds for highest points. Jamie (Steyr), Colby (BAR), Craig (PS90). Winner: Craig.
3 (3) February 29, 2012 Shotgun Shootout[4] Chris Reed Jay Lim Benelli M4, Benelli Vinci and Benelli Nova. Competition: Exhibition shooting. Jay (Vinci) - Two hand-thrown clays then two launched clays with birdshot [4 shells]. Colby (Nova) - Eight plates @ 25 yards with buckshot [9 shells]. Chris (M4) - Five water bottles @ 25 yards and one @ 75 yards [6 shells].
4 (4) March 7, 2012 Pistol Power[5] Julie Golob Maggie Reese and Brad Engmann Smith & Wesson M&P 40, Smith & Wesson Model 625 and Smith & Wesson SW1911 9mm. Competition: Exhibition shooting. Maggie (1911) - Alternating blue and red plates (4 each with reload after the blue) and a steel target for a stop @ 20 yards [10 rounds]. Colby (Model 625) - Water jug, bowling pin and clay @ 15 yards [3 rounds]. Brad (M&P 40) - Four bowling pins, five shots at 18x24 steel plate then four clays @ 20 yards [14 rounds]. After the competition, Julie put on a display. Eight bowling pins; four with the M&P 40, switching to the 1911 for the remaining four and finishing with the Model 625 at a small steel target @ 20 yards [10 rounds].
5 (5) March 14, 2012 Pirates and Patriots[6] Russ Combs and Steve Gilcreast Daryl Parker Kentucky Flintlock Pistol, Colt SAA .45 Caliber and H&K .45 Tactical. Competition: Pistol poker. Each of the four is dealt two cards to begin the five card stud game. They then take one shot with each of the pistols at a board with the rest of the deck on it @ 30 feet. Each shooter has their own target. The flintlock and the Colt are fired one-handed. Whatever card they hit, they draw. Best hand wins. Winner: Daryl.
6 (6) March 21, 2012 Blades of Steel[7] Jack Dagger Frank Campana Bowie Knife, Tomahawk and Atlatl. Competition: Ten knives, six tomahawks and five atlatl darts. Each target hit is for a point. Jack has to compete blindfolded with the knives and the tomahawks and doubles the distance away from the target with the atlatl. Colby and Jack tie on the knives. Colby won with the tomahawks. Colby won with the atlatl. Overall Winner: Colby.
7 (7) March 28, 2012 Deuces Wild[8] Robert Vogel Chris Cerino Browning Buck Mark, Volquartsen 10/22 Rifle and Ruger Mark II. Competition: Pistols @ 12 yards. Rifle @ 25 yards and standing. 15 clay birds and a golf ball on a tee. Two 10-round magazines. Event is timed. Chris (Volquartsen), Robert (Ruger), Colby (Browning). Winner: Robert.
8 (8) April 4, 2012 British Ballistics[9] Iain Harrison Adam Benson Webley Mk VI, Webley WG, Lee–Enfield and Enfield Revolver. Competition: Enfield revolver was retired due to sighting issues. All three weapons are used by all three shooters. One stage per weapon with varying degrees of target size for different points. Lowest score after each round goes first in the next round. Highest points wins. Only four total rounds, one per stage plus one mulligan. Stage 1 - WG @ 12 yards. Stage 2 - Mk IV @ 15 yards. Stage 3 - Lee–Enfield @ 100 yards. Winner: Iain.
9 (9) April 11, 2012 Going the Distance[10] Kelly Bachand Peter Palma Model 1860 Henry Rifle, SVT-40 and the AX338. Competition: All three weapons are used by all three shooters. One stage per weapon with 3 points each available for the winner, 2 for second place and 1 for third. Lowest score after each round goes first in the next round. Highest points wins. Stage 1 - Henry @ 25 yards, 10 rounds, best time wins (+3 sec penalty for each miss). Winner: Colby—Stage 2 - SVT-40 @ 100 yards, 5 rounds, no prone, no spotter, tightest group wins. Winner: Kelly—Stage 3 - AX338 @ 200 yards, 3 targets, two shots per shooter. Egg 3pts, Billiard ball 2pts, Peach 1pt. +1 point bonus for hitting on first shot. Winner: Tie Kelly and Peter—Overall Winner: Kelly ---- Bonus stage: Peter vs a .67cal paintball with the AX338 @ 200 yards for automatic win Winner: Kelly.
10 (10) April 18, 2012 SWAT Team Tech[11] Jeff Gonzales Jermaine Finks FN Five-Seven, Mossberg 500 "Chainsaw" Shotgun and the FN FS2000 Rifle. Competition: Horse-inspired game of "G-U-N". Multiple targets in sets of three at 10, 25, and 50 yards. Pistol and Rifle only, no shotgun. Winner: Jermaine.


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