Top Management (video game)

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Top Management
Famicom Top Management.jpg
Cover art (Family Computer version)
Developer(s) Koei[1]
Publisher(s) Koei[1]
Series Koei Executive Series
Platform(s) Nintendo Family Computer[1]
NEC PC-9801[2]
Release Family Computer:
  • JP: December 12, 1990[3]
Genre(s) Business simulation strategy[1]
Mode(s) Single-player
Multiplayer (up to 4 players)

Top Management (ファミコン トップマネジメント?)[4] is a multiplatform business simulation video game that turns the player into a highly respected corporate title holder.


In order for NEC (NEG) to get ahead in the virtual "business world," they must advertise their products in order to get the consumers to abandon Toshiba's (Tochiba) sphere of influence over top of them.

Using the management skills provided by the game, he/she must turn his/her fledgling corporation (会社?, kaisha) into a profitable super corporation.[5] Created by Koei, the game was geared towards Japanese business students in high school, college, and university while also attempting to appeal to casual gamers who have an interest in learning how a Japanese corporation is operated.

Literacy in the Japanese language is required in addition to advanced arthimetic skills. Top Management features abstract art that serves as the game's graphics.[5] A general business meeting is always held on the beginning of April as a measure to set things like employment levels, executive salaries in addition to financial benefits for the employees. Meetings held on every other month of year focus on spreading advertisement throughout Japan in addition to improving the performance of the products and determining how many products to manufacture into the open market.[6]

The game is mostly text-based and players can choose between five major electronics companies to play as (IBM, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Sharp, and NEC). Like most business games, bankruptcy ends the game with a game over.[5] The NEC PC-9801 version was sold primarily as a research guide into the Japanese business world; with the ability to purchase licenses for up to 10 students and a teacher's version.[2]


A sequel named Top Management II was later released for the Super Famicom in addition to the Windows operating system and for the NEC PC-9801. The game was essentially the same type of gameplay except with enhanced graphics.


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