Top Secret (magazine)

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Top Secret
EditorMarcin Przasnyski (issues 1 to 9)
Marcin Borkowski (issues 10 to 54)
CategoriesComputer and video games
FrequencyMonthly, Bimonthly
FormatA4 (22–54)
PublisherBajtek Publishing House
Axel Springer Polska
First issueOctober 1990
Final issueMarch 2003

Top Secret is a Polish magazine devoted to the subject of computer and video games, as well as to culture and events connected with them. The first edition of the magazine was published between 1990-1996[1] by the Bajtek Publishing Cooperative, and it was the first magazine of this type in Poland. 54 issues were released.[2] The second edition was published between 2002-2003 by Axel Springer Poland as an attempt to restore the title.[3][4] However, in this time, only four issues were produced, and the project was abandoned.[5]


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