Top Spin 3

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Top Spin 3
Cover art
Players Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer and Andy Roddick appear on the U.S. cover art for the game. Roddick was replaced by Andy Murray (UK version) and by Rafael Nadal (Spanish version)
Developer(s) PAM Development
Publisher(s) 2K Sports
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS[4]
  • NA: June 23, 2008
  • PAL: July 25, 2008
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Top Spin 3 is the third title in the Top Spin series of video games. The game was developed by PAM Development and published by 2K Sports. New game elements include real-time weather effects, more options of professional tennis players, an in-depth character creation tool and new unparalleled gameplay mechanics. It also features impressive advancements in an audio/visual sense with improved Dolby Digital surround sound and "Evolutionary" visuals.[5] Top Spin 4 was released as a sequel about three years later.


Top Spin 3 incorporates various new features including:

  • The incorporation of the right thumbstick, allow for more precise movements and shot variety
  • World tennis players' movements and likeness are accurately depicted along with apparel.
  • Tennis Legends are now included in the roster of playable licensed players.
  • All-new soundtrack: New music is included featuring Jamiroquai, Calvin Harris, Boys Like Girls, The Go! Team, The Stone Roses, and Franz Ferdinand with 'Huddle Formation' being the menu song.
  • World Tour: Players are given the opportunity to participate in ranked online tournaments and matches. A new season starts every 1st and 16th day of the month.

Wii version[edit]

The Wii version features motion controls, several venues including three Grand Slams, and multiplayer party games. It features 16 licensed players. This version does not contain online multiplayer gameplay nor does it contain career mode. It runs on a modified Top Spin 2 engine, and features stylized graphics.

Top Spin 3 includes 20 playable professional tennis players including today's superstars, and past professionals. It also contains 7 fictitious male professional players and 13 female professional fictitious players.[6]


Review scores
Publication Score
OXM (US) 9/10
OXM (UK) 8/10[7]
X-Play 2/5
  • German website 4Players gave the game 64/100, citing awkward controls and a steep learning curve as the game's downfall.
  • GamePro Germany rated the game 89/100 with the reviewer claiming excellent gameplay.The reviewer believed the gameplay, although having a steep learning curve, offers great depth and a more realistic simulation of tennis.
  • IGN AU awarded Top Spin 3 an 8.0/10, one of the only downsides being that the risk shot system 'still isn't right', referring to the previous problems in Top Spin 2 and the original.
  • Xbox World 360 awarded the game 90/100, saying that it would "take stiff competition for Top Spin 3 to be anything other than the best sports title of 2008", praising the game's emphasis on skill and calling it as big a step forward for tennis games as Skate was for skateboarding.

It was a nominee for Best Sports Game for the Nintendo DS by IGN for their 2008 video game awards.[8]


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