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Topaana (Macedonian: Топаана) is situated in Skopje in the Republic of Macedonia. It is an area situated next to the Main Road called Bulevar Nikola Karev on the south and Dzon Kenedi on the North. Topaana is a mainly residential area and is renowned for its large Roma community


Topaana, as all areas of Skopje has full Wi-Fi access and other forms of Broadband access. There are internet cafes in the area which all provide fast internet access. Most of the Internet in Macedonia is Wi-Fi as a project involving Macedonia and Motorola enabled wireless internet throughout the whole of the country.


There are a variety of stores in this small part of Skopje, shops include Groceries, Food Stores, Automobile Garages, Car washes, tobacco retailers, general stores, and some others.