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Genre Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure
Created by Andy Heyward
Developed by Studio DAM
DIC Entertainment
Starring Britt McKillip
Chiara Zanni
Alexandra Carter
Leah Juel
Anna Van Hooft
Samuel Vincent
Reece Thompson
Jesse Moss
Matt Hill
Opening theme "It's a Hair Thing" by Valli Girls
Ending theme "It's a Hair Thing" (Reprise)
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 27
Executive producer(s) Andy Heyward
Michael Maliani
Running time 21–22 minutes
Production company(s) Studio DAM
DIC Entertainment
Original network CBS
Original release October 1, 2005 – February 24, 2006
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Trollz is a Danish American animated television series produced by DiC Entertainment (now DHX Media) and features the adventures of five teenage girls, who call themselves the Best Friends for Life, who use magic every day to help them with their everyday life as well as battling whatever magical creatures and problems they may find themselves up against. These trollz were based on the troll doll created in the 1960s.



The protagonists in the series are collectively known as the "Best Friends For Life".

Amethyst van der Troll
She is a pretty young troll who loves her friends and would do anything for them. Amethyst is also considerate and gives good advice to her friends. Her gem is a pink heart. She wears a purple top with a matching skirt and a hot pink sash . She also wears hot pink pump shoes with straps. Her hair is pink with a wave at the top tied with a purple heart activation clip. She also wears purple heart shaped earrings and a purple heart shaped ankle bracelet. her eyes are purple and she has pink spell beads. Amethyst was the last of the five girls to have her gem get its glow. her favourite colour is pink
Her boyfriend is Coal and her Ancient is her grandmother. She is voiced by Britt McKillip.
Ruby Trollman
She is the leader of the BFFL, and, as such, is really bossy and cares about her looks a little too much. If she really wants something she will do anything to get it. Her hair is red and star-shaped and her eyes are pink and her real hair color is brown. she has a red star gem stone. She wears an off shoulder white t shirt with a green star, blue pants and blue and yellow sneakers, a black neck choker with a red jewel and a gold bracelet with a star charm. her favourite colour is red.

Her spell beads are red. Her boyfriend is Rock and her Ancient is Obsidian. She is voiced by Chiara Zanni.

Sapphire Trollzawa
She is the smartest in the group. When the friends have sleepovers Sapphire just wants to study. Her gem is a blue flower. She wears a long sleeved blue jumper with a white shirt. a pink skirt, ankle socks, and pink flats with a blue flower on top of it. Her hair is blue and tied in a ponytail by a pink bow, and she has glasses on top of her head,her eyes are light blue, her favorite color is blue. She has blue spell beads
Her boyfriend is Alabaster and her Ancient is Mr. Trollheimer. She is voiced by Alexandra Carter.
Topaz Trollhopper
She is a troll who loves shopping and is a fashion expert. Her gem is a yellow diamond. She wears a white shirt with a pink top over it, a green miniskirt, leg warmers, and multi-colored sneakers. Her hair is yellow and curly, sometimes it's blonde. She wears a green scrunchy, she has light brown eyes, her favourite colour is yellow. She has yellow spell beads.
Her boyfriend is Jasper and her Ancient is Zirconia. She is voiced by Leah Juel.
Onyx Von Trollenberg
Onyx is a goth and has a liking for poetry. Her gem is a dark purple crescent moon. Onyx wears a black long sleeved shirt with a white tank top with pink polka dots, a black skirt, pink tights, and black boots. Her hair is dark purple and in two bunches which are held by pink buckle scrunchies, her eyes are dark purple and she wears two silver hoop earrings on both ears and a white pearl necklace, her favourite colour is purple. and Her spell beads are dark purple.
Her boyfriend is Flint and her Ancient is Spinell. She is voiced by Anna Van Hooft.


Simon the Gremlin is the main villain of the series and appears in numerous episodes throughout the show trying to take over the world of Trollzopolis and get revenge against the Best Friends For Life.
He is voiced by Reece Thompson.
A half-dog, half-ogre creature and Simon's loyal henchman who sticks by his side despite enduring endless abuse. Able to change from a cute-looking puppy to a hulking beast-like form at will.
He is voiced by Janyse Jaud.

Supporting characters[edit]


Coal Trollwell
He is a very clumsy Troll often getting into trouble.
Boyfriend to Amethyst. He is voiced by Jesse Moss.
Rock Trollhammer
He is very dimwitted and forgetful.
Boyfriend to Ruby. He is voiced by Matt Hill.
Alabaster Trollington III
Alabaster is also a multi-millionaire, whose father owns a lot of the companies in Trollzopolis.
Boyfriend to Sapphire. He is voiced by Samuel Vincent.
Jasper Trollhound
During the first episode, Amethyst cast a spell which cost Jasper his hair. However, Jasper has grown used to his new bald appearance.
Boyfriend to Topaz. He is voiced by Armen Weitzman.
Flint Trollentino
He is in a rock band, and loves writing poetry.
Boyfriend to Onyx. He is voiced by Mike Antonakos


Mrs Van Der Troll
Amethyst's Ancient.
Ruby's Ancient and owner of Obsidian's Spell Shop.
Mr. Trollheimer
Sapphire's Ancient and the girls' teacher.
Topaz's Ancient and Spinell's wife.
Onyx's Ancient and Zirconia's husband.


Coral Trollarwise
Coral is the senior captain of the cheerleaders. She is in constant rivalry with Ruby, usually for a cute boy's attention. Her gem is maroon. Her gem is shaped like an ace of spades.
Opal Trollangel
Opal seems to be Coral's main friend. She has tan skin and light-pink hair with a sky blue hair tie. Her gem is in the shape of an oval.
Jade Trollberger
Jade is Coral's secondary friend. She has spikey lime green hair. Her gem is in the shape of a thin diamond.

Spell phones[edit]

Spell Phones are devices based on a real life cellphones, but are adapted to provide functions for magic and spellbeads as well as provide the standard functions of a normal cellphone. "Spell Calls" are used to cast spells on other trollz across long distances. To initiate a Spell Call, the caller places a spell bead in the spell bead slot after inciting the incantation and then dialing the phone number of the intended recipient and hitting the cast button. The Spell Phone then transfers the spell through the phone line and when the recipient picks up the phone the spell is released through the receiver of the phone. It is a useful function that allows trollz to cast spells across long distances, but a lot of teenagers misuse the function and instead use it to play pranks.


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