Topklasse (women)

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Founded 2011
Country Netherlands
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 2
Promotion to no promotion
Relegation to Hoofdklasse
Domestic cup(s) KNVB Women's Cup

The Topklasse is the highest league of amateur women's football in the Netherlands, and the second tier in general.

In the 2011/12 season the Topklasse was created and thus the former second level Hoofdklasse became a third level league.


The teams play each other two times over the course of the season. The last two teams get relegated into the Hoofdklasse, while the third and fourth-last teams play a relegation play-off. There is no promotion as of now.


Year Winner Runners-up Third Top Scorers Goals
2011–12 RKTSV Kerkrade Saestum Ter Leede Danielle Vermeulen (SteDoCo) 21[1]
2012–13 Ter Leede Saestum Fortuna Sittard [2]
2013–14 Buitenveldert Fortuna Sittard Ter Leede [3]
2014–15 Saestum Buitenveldert RKHVV [4]
2015–16 DTS Ede Ter Leede Eldenia [5]


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