Toppeladugård Castle

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Toppeladugård Castle
Toppeladugårds slott
Lund Municipality
Toppeladugårds slott.jpg
Toppeladugård Castle
Toppeladugård Castle is located in Skåne
Toppeladugård Castle
Toppeladugård Castle
Coordinates 55°35′44″N 13°21′46″E / 55.595556°N 13.362778°E / 55.595556; 13.362778
Type Castle
Site information
Open to
the public
Site history
Built 1720s

Toppeladugård Castle (Swedish: Toppeladugårds slott) is a castle in Lund Municipality, Scania, in southern Sweden.

Originally, Toppeladugård was a smaller farm belonging to Häckeberga Castle. In 1720, the property was bought by Christina Piper, who had the first castle built and park created around it.

The current building was erected in 1918-20 by design of Lars Johan Lehming (1871-1940). Several of the adjoining buildings, as well as the park around the castle, originates from the 18th-century.

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